For the first time ever, i have spent the last few hours going over every blog post I have ever written to compile some ideas for your superbowl party. I dont have a party to go as of yet, nor am I planning my own. I just dont have the right TV for a superbowl party. But I know I will be crashing a party and I needed ideas.

Whats better than seeking your past for inspiration that you might have forgetten about??? I know that looking through all the years (wow) I have seen Mickeys adorable face, some great dishes that have re-inspired me, and how short my hair was.

So, If you are looking to host or make something I compiled a list of things that I am considering of remaking myself. And if not, just enjoy this trip down memory lane.

Starters! Every superbowl needs a starter! I mean, in all honesty, i do not watch football. But I love to eat Football food.

This spinach artichoke pizza appetizer is easy to put together and hard to resist.

And while we are talking about pizza, the Pizza Pinwheels I made a while back were a real tummy pleaser… and looked better than i had expected them to

I always make Mommy Crack Dip too when i go to a party!

And what kind of SuperBowl would it be withouth CHILI!?!? These are some of the chili’s i have made in the past:

White Pumpkin Chili

Slow Cooker Chili

If you’re not in the mood for Chili, there are some pretty awesome main courses that spell Super Bowl Party like whoa:

Beer Braised Chicken

Homemade Sushi

Fried Chicken and Mac and Cheese

Slow Cooker Korean BBQ Short Ribs

Sliders and Fries

If those heavy dishes dont appeal to you, or you are still holding on tight to your New Year’s Resolution, I got you covered!

Pop Chips Chicken (Crispy oven Fried Chicken!)

Lentil Chili (all the chili flavor, half the fat and calories)

Buffalo Chicken Salad (with Frank’s Red Hot, i put that sh*t on everything)

Vegetarian Snobby Joes

Dan Good Chili (the ultimate vegetable chili!)

There you have it kiddos! Thats the list that I came up with… sadly it took a mere minutes to write compared to the hours it took to research! lol. Such is life.

Wishing you have Very Fun Super Bowl Sunday. No Drinking and Driving! And I will be, for the most part, drinking in the kitchen until half time… for the half time show. My favorite.

Go Giants.