The other day my mom hooked me up with a massage voucher for somewhere on the upper east side. When I booked the appointment, I didn’t think much of the date until it was too late to change it. But nothing like a relaxing massage before the SuperBowl, eh?

So, after my massage, I found myself walking the streets of the Upper East Side, feeling so awesome and not wanting to go home right away. I called several friends who live on the UES and got lucky when my gorgeous Ginger Gal, Melissa was free. I was hungry since I had skipped breakfast.

Brunch just seemed like the perfect thing for two fabulous girls on a Gorgeous Sunday. Mel thought ahead and picked out a spot a few short blocks from her apartment. We were excited since we were experiencing this place for the first time together.


Sojourn. A little bit of french flare with a rustic french décor. Considering it was noon, a prime brunch hour, Sojourn was a little on the empty side.


I decided to start with a much needed cup of coffee. Sadly, it was a watery cup of coffee and left more to be desired.


We started with some bread with olive oil and cracked black pepper.


Mel ordered the arugula salad which was a mountain of arugula with chunks of blue cheese and was all together delicious.


I ordered the Croque Madame with a fried egg. I really wanted to love this but it was saturated with truffle oil which was kind of nauseating. So, I ate the parts that were least truffley.

Even though it wasn’t the mind blowingly delicious brunch I had in mind, having some girl time was a great way to end such a relaxing morning.