Yesterday I wrote about my not so stellar brunch on the Upper East Side. After brunch and bad coffee, my friend Mel suggested we take a walk for dessert. Knowing my admiration for French Macarons, she brought us to Maison Ladurée.

She had some doubts about the establishment because she didn’t want to make the trek for crappy dessert, however, the moment we entered our doubts were put at ease by the longest line for macarons I had ever seen. We hopped on line and made comments like “these better be worth the trek” while D-Bag customers gave us dirty looks.

I’m used to that.


I ignored the crotchety hag ahead of us who managed to purchase $150 worth of macarons and took in the gorgeous décor.


Cute little touches that made this delicate little macaron shop a sweet little Parisian Boutique of sorts…


Parisian, Indeed!


When it was finally my turn, I had a hard time deciding. And how could I Not? there were rows and rows of macarons to choose from!


It was quite a site!


I checked the awesome menu and chose my two favorites. Raspberry and Pistachio.  Lately, I have been asking people at places like this to select their favorite for me. Most of the time its received really well but this guy seized the opportunity to speak to me like I was an idiot. One thing I learned when working in customer service was to never assume anything about the person you were serving. Clearly he didn’t get that memo…

I thanked him and told him to put his favorite macaron, the orange blossom, in my bag.

Despite the asshole, the orange blossom was delicious! It was Floral and Citrusy and something different!


I ate it on the way to a coffee house nearby with excellent coffee. There, sipping my café au lait, I nibbled on my raspberry and pistachio macaron!

What a delicious little adventure! I cant wait to hit the lotto so I could burn all my winnings on these delicious little babies!

I’m Kidding! I wouldn’t burn ALL my winnings. Maybe 50%.

I ate