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In need of a Girls’ Night Out, I summoned 3 Divas that I hadn’t seen in a long while and made reservations to a 5 star restaurant. As my luck would have it, the restaurant made an error and us ladies had to resort to Plan B.

But luckily, when I told them about the need for an alternative, they sprang into action and suggested BobWhite. Having been open for just a short amount of time, BobWhite hides deep in the Lower East Side on Avenue C… or as locals call it Alphabet City…or Loisada.

We made the trek. And we arrived at the perfect time having acquired the last two tables.


The establishment is quaint. If every seat is filled, there should be about 20 people there total.  Its not really ideal for huge groups but our group of 4 hungry ladies was perfect.

The menu is short and sweet and boasts southern comforts like fried chicken, pork chop sandwiches and collard greens; to name a few. They also have a small selection of really great beers on tap. You won’t find Bud Light here… and I love that!

I ordered an ice cold IPA from Lagunitas. Mmm, Hoppy.

We all agreed that since we were all curious about the fried chicken, to order the Dinner for 4. 12 pieces of fried chicken, 3 sides, 4 biscuits and a mixed green salad; all for the price of $45.


First out of the kitchen was the salad adorned with shaved candy cane beets and a mustardy vinaigrette. We couldn’t keep from eating this delicious salad as we waited patiently for our chicken.


Then the biscuits came out as we were finishing our salads. Drizzled with a little honey, these biscuits were the bee’s knees. Note to self: Next time order more biscuits.


Then our sides came out. First up, tomato pudding. Our attempt at getting a healthy vegetable. Tomato pudding can best be describe as supple stewed tomatoes with parmesan cheese. Quite tasty!


We also got some cheesy grits. I really wanted to love this but it was too bland for my liking. After a few shakes of salt, it was more palatable- but not the greatest.


And how can you order Fried Chicken without macaroni and cheese? An instant comfort! This mac and cheese was just okay. Definitely needed some salt… and some more cheese. But I really couldn’t complain since it was still pretty good.

The thing we were waiting for was the chicken.

which took FOREVER! The one thing that I disliked about this place was the time it took for the chicken to come out. Luckily, 40 minutes flew by with the great conversation and pints of beer we were slinging back.


… and finally, there it was. Gorgeous color. Intoxicating aroma.


We dig right in. The skin was CRISPY! The chicken was JUICY. It was worth the wait!

We each got a wing, a leg and a thigh a piece which was perfect since we were all so hungry. The crew at BobWhite’s were taking bets about the table of 4 girls that ordered such a hefty plate of fried chicken.

And we didn’t disappoint…


As only a lonely half a wing remained at the end of our feast. We definitely impressed some onlookers.

Overall, this was a great Girls’ Night Out! Who needs fancy when you can make a good time anywhere you go!?!

I would definitely go back to BobWhites as I suspect once this place get popular, its going to be impossible to get a table. But I do have to warn that the chicken takes a while. 40-50 minutes for an order is a long time… but if you don’t want to wait, call it in and pick it up! They have take out!

Where do you and your best divas go on GNO?