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My friend Danielle and I made plans to have dinner. I am on a mission to get her to try damn near every type of cuisine there is to try since she gave me permission to pick our restaurants. She tried sushi last year and loved it. Same with Korean BBQ. But she had a hankering for some salmon avocado rolls and we were going to try a new place my by apartment that opened over the summer for some of their great specials. When we got there it was a GHOSTTOWN! Normally I don’t mind as I hate crowds. But this place was DEAD on a saturday night! No Bueno.

Not wanting to take a chance on bad sushi, I convinced her to try some Greek Food. Normally, I would take someone to Astoria for Greek food but there happens to be a great Greek-ish place a few blocks away!

Nick’s Bistro has been in the neighborhood for about 2 years. They serve huge plates to go with their big personalities! The staff are amazing here and eager to please. And my heart swelled when I saw the place was booming! Every table was filled with regulars. A very very good sign.


We were seated immediately with the last table for 2. We started with a complimentary white bean spread along with some black eye peas. A great start!


Danielle was jonesing for an appetizer so we ordered the seafood stuffed mushrooms. Huge Portobello mushroom caps stuffed with lump crab meat and bechamel sauce then browned in a hot oven. Another nice touch at Nick’s is that if you are sharing a plate, even an appetizer, they plate the servings separately. Takes the guess work out of splitting… and saves you from the guest that over indulges.


For our entrees we decided to pick two dishes and split them. I ordered the stuffed salmon filet with a side of lemon potatoes. The plate, while looking not so huge in this photo, was GINORMOUS. An entire salmon filet stuffed with seafood! I ate about 1/3 of it and could not fit anymore! It was extremely tasty. The lemon potatoes are a big favorite of mine.


Danielle got the moussaka which was also huge. that right there is two servings. Moussaka is like a Greek lasagna. Layers of ground meat, eggplant, squash, and bechamel layered together to make one hearty entrée! Danielle ate about 1/3 as well. One thing that Nick’s does is they serve their moussaka with marinara sauce. Its not authentic…but it is pretty good!

Rubbing out bellies and packing our dishes to go, the server somehow convinced us to order dessert.


I had the greek yogurt parfait. My first time having greek yogurt outside of a container. It was creamy! Lightly coated with a cherry syrup and stacked with walnuts, strawberries and blueberries. I don’t know how I fit it.


Danielle ordered the baklava that came out warm and chock full of cinnamon! it was quite tasty and when I dropped a dollop of yogurt onto the baklava, it made a delicious mistake that I wanted to do over and over again!

A very nice revisit to Nick’s Bistro! A great spot in the area of Forest Hills!