For the final night of Restaurant Week, I made a reservation for 4 to Club A Steakhouse. My first encounter with Club A was surrounded by controversy as a Yelp Elite member. Luckily, I was not part of the ravenous group of savages that behaved so negatively, but around that time when I mentioned I was Elite I was reminded of that shameful email.

I really needed to see what all the fuss was about.

Now, I don’t have to mention again how wonderful restaurant week is for those that want to dine out to a great place but don’t have the funds to do so, right? I will just mention that on any given day, having dinner at Club A, might squeeze my wallet tighter than what I am comfortable with.

So, I invited 3 other people, Patty, her husband, and Danielle, the more people, the more tasting!


We started with a basket of bread. Having been on a no bread kick, this basket was the devil. And I could not resist the temptation. So I ate all the crackers in the basket.

and the bread sticks.

with butter.

we then browsed through the wine menu because we really wanted some wine… the list was a little steep so we did what any group of broke people would have done.

we scoured the menu for the cheapest bottle.

$35 Sauvignon Blanc.


Danielle and I decided to get two different dishes of everything so we could have half of each others food. She ordered the calamari…DSC03679

and I ordered the shaved parm caesar salad. The calamari was cooked perfectly, however, I was underwhelmed by the salad.


Patty got the crispy canadian bacon and fell in love! I had a bite and thought it was tasty too.


The chef sent out complimentary lobster ravioli that was divine! It made me want to cancel my order and devour a plate of raviolis covered in the light and creamy sauce. DSC03684

We also got complimentary Garlic Fries. Crispy lightly salted garlic fries with herbs. I had a few but was more focused on the other gorgeous eats at the table. DSC03685

I ordered a filet of salmon. It was pretty good. But why did I order salmon when I came to dine at a steak house?

Because I am stupid, that’s why.

While I enjoyed my salmon, I had wished it was a center cut fillet.


For the sides, we got macaroni and cheese, creamed spinach with truffle oil and mashed potatoes. All of these sides were HOMERUNS for me! I really could have eaten an entire pot of spinach too! not too much truffle oil and lots and lots of flavor.


Danielle ordered the filet mignon, medium, and we both shared it. They gave us quite a hunk of meat! 10z filet mignon on a pre fixe menu for $35 was a STEAL! DSC03689

Here’s my greedy share plate.

As if I hadnt pigged out enough, the chef sent out complimentary cannolis.DSC03690 

Wanting to save room for dessert, I merely took a bite. I wasn’t very impressed….DSC03691

Speaking of not being very impressed…. the tiramisu was a disappointment. the lady fingers were not soft at all and gave the tiramisu a very chewy texture. But yes I did eat the whipped cream and chocolate!DSC03692

However, the saving grace were the cream puffs! small cream filled pastry puffs filled with custard and covered in white chocolate. they didn’t sound as good as they tasted!

It made for not only a sexy night… but a FULL night. we left holding our full bellies in complete satisfaction!