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Believe it or not, as much as I have proclaimed myself a content singleton, I have in fact been dating. It’s kind of crazy how it all happened, really. I put myself out there last year and then other personal things started to hit the fan and I realized I needed to be focusing on myself. My mom freaked but who could blame her. Her only daughter said with conviction “i might never get married or have kids but I’m not upset one bit about it”. Mom never gave up hope. And I never stopped pursuing things that made me happy.
But at some point in January, I needed a friend. And he was there. He who? Not important at the moment. But soon enough you shall know.
He took me by surprise as we hung out in a friendly capacity. And I found myself thinking about him even days after we last saw each other.
What I am trying to say is, I am seeing someone for the first time in a LONG time. Sure, I have had dates and I have dated someone for longer than 2 months but never someone I liked this much. And I have gotten so caught up in this new part of my life that I am trying to find a balance between my old way and the new way. Blogging must not suffer! Please bear with me as I adjust to this new “routine”.


It certainly wasn’t my intention to take a blogging break, or blog so sporadically; which is why I carried my camera along on our second date to Queens’ first Michelin star restaurant, Danny Brown Wine Bar.
The ambiance at Danny Brown is warm, inviting, relaxing, and intimate. We had reservations for a Sunday evening and found the place bustling; which was nice.


Our server was ever attentive and patient. My date knows wine like I know food so I chose our food and he chose the wine to go with.
He chose a Bordeaux. I’m not usually a fan of reds but he assured me with the right food, the wine would be less offensive on my palate


To start, I ordered a beet and goat cheese appetizer which was massive. The beets were sugary sweet and supple and the huge lump of warm goat cheese was a great addition. I mistakenly devoured the entire appetizer…(ever consume too many beers? Oh boy will you be seeing red!)


He ordered a grilled squid and white bean dish that was more tasty than it sounded. The squid was perfectly cooked without being chewy or slimy and with the bed of white beans underneath it, he was filling up rather quickly.DSC03718

For the main course, he ordered the duck confit. The duck was tender and needed only a gentle touch from a fork to free itself from the bone while the skin on the duck was so crispy! A bite of his dish was quite sinful. DSC03719

I had initially wanted a hangar steak but was told it was sold out… and then i opted for the salmon. And that was sold out too. I was not really craving anything crazy or heavy and opted for the burger. In my mind, it was wise because a place of this caliber would make even a burger a hot item… But I was wrong. It was served on a toasted English muffin that was too hard to eat, even after sawing at it with my knife. The meat, while cooked medium was mealy and bland. I was glad I ate my appetizer because I was full already. The fries were great and I shared them with my date.
We were too stuffed from dinner for dessert but finished our wine and hit the town for more fun 🙂
It wasn’t bad for my first time at Danny brown. I would definitely go again, but next time order something better than a burger!