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I was off from work the day before Valentine’s Day. And normally, I usually have a plan of action but I literally sat in my pajamas watching daytime television. If you have ever seen day time television, you would know- it sucks. So when I wandered into my kitchen for the 3rd time, I spotted a brand new box of gelatin.

Right then and there, I decided to make marshmallows.

And when I started to make the marshmallows…I remembered why its been so long since I have made marshmallows.

HOLY TIME SUCK, BATMAN! My random idea that I thought would take an hour took 3 hours of measuring, beating, sifting, and rolling… and back pain. OY!

This time around though, I utilized my hand mixer as well as my stand mixer to speed things up a bit. The two kitchen gadgets did shave time off of my prep… however the thing it didn’t help was the cutting process.

For step by step pics and instructions, please see my last marshmallow post.


Once I completed the process and allowed the giant marshmallow to do its thing in the fridge, I decided to have a more uniform method of slicing the marshmallows.


Some people use pizza cutters. But I decided to use my giant knife and sit there like a jackass for 2 hours. Slicing evenly and then rolling each piece in powdered sugar.


It was back breaking. (I have been saying that a lot… bear with me. Having some serious back issues from old injuries)But in the end, I ended up with 160 perfect little marshmallow cubes! And at the end it made all my crying seem stupid because I had all these delicate little pillows of happiness in front of me and I could do whatever I wanted with them…DSC03723

After roomie stole a few (how could you not??) I decided to make Valentine’s Day goodie bags for all my friends. DSC03724

I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner!

The marshmallows were a huge hit… And with their adorable pink hue, I believe that come Mother’s Day… or Easter, I might be doling out cutesy little bags of fluffy and soft marshmallows!