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We really hit the ground running with our last potluck in January. It was such a success that the group quickly penciled in the next months potluck date. Then we chose our venue, which was my good friend Phil’s house. Since all of us pretty much live all over the place, we are taking turns bouncing about the boroughs.

This time: Manhattan.

And without even realizing it, we all made something that was either covered in cheese or fried. So this was dubbed the comfort food edition.


I arrived last which is so unlike me but I came prepared with some roasted red pepper hummus and leftover mommy crack from super bowl Sunday (it freezes really well!). There were cut up vegetables and crackers but everyone kind of skipped over the healthy stuff and was going for those hearty dips and chips.


Since we were all there I wasted no time in the unveiling of all the dishes so we could stuff our greedy little faces.

Julia made a fresh and tasty chick pea salad.


Mike made some drunk chicken breasts that we later posed in suggestive photos because they were so phallic.


Lara made slow cooked ribs that were smothered in a delectable bbq sauce and sprinkled with smoky dried red pepper. The heat really snuck up on us towards the end.


Chef Ben, who missed the first potluck, came through with my favorite dish of the night. A giant platter full of sweet corn kernels, thick cheese sauce and topped with cornflakes. He dubbed it, CHEESY CORN. And I gotta tell you, this stuff while sounding like a total gag fest was sooooo damn delicious! And yes, when everyone was done, I grabbed my tupperware and scooped up half of this tray. True ghetto-ness.


I made a 3 cheese buffalo macaroni and cheese. Recipe tomorrow! The mac and cheese was delicious but because it was hot when I was traveling to the Upper East Side with it, the mac sort of dried up a little. No one seemed deterred by that though as there was hardly any left when I was packing my stuff up to go home. yay.


Here is a peak at our fat-ass-ness.


Oh and not pictured were my roommates hoisin chicken legs. Damn right they were delicious! My roommate is gonna be a culinary graduate in a freaking WEEK! 


We took a break to drink and make fun of each other and then Mel brought out her chocolate logs. Essentially, this is an ice box cake in log form. It was cut on the bias as per melissa’s instructions. Simple. But really really tasty. I had asked to take some of this home but someone had already pilfered the remains for a “bed time” snack later on.


Phil had made some delicious fudgy brownies that I was just too full to taste and Kristy made pignoli cookies and peanut butter blondies.

It was quite the feast!

Our next potluck will have a fancy vibe to it so I might make sushi. What would you make??