With St. Patty’s Day just right around the corner, having a plan of action is key. Now, you all know that I love a good party. And I love a good happy hour but for the holidays that revolve around people getting relatively shit-faced, I like to keep things low key. After all, in the city that I love so much, there is an abundance of debauchery on St. Patrick’s Day and its usually from nearby residents of Long Island or New Jersey. Not hating on them. But I prefer to do my black out drinking at home, where its safe and I can’t get into *too* much trouble.

Now that I have outted myself as a giant square, I hope that for those of you that do venture out for the holiday have an amazing time and please be safe! And to those guys out there that want to get black out drunk wearing orange beards and green hats, please do so without being a dick. J (the smiley face is so you know I’m not being completely bitchy, which actually makes the statement THAT much more bitchy)

Anywho, Now that I have an affirmative plan of action to get black out drunk in my pajamas on St. Patrick’s Day I have to have my party snacks. It never fails once I have a few libations that I just want to snack. I think it makes me more inclined to drink since I am more thirsty. But rather than drink myself to oblivion and then tear the house apart looking for a snack, I planned ahead and made a DELISH and EASY dip that can be whipped up in no time or a few days in a advance… and it also makes a great sandwich spreader.


Roasted Red Pepper  Hummus


2 cloves garlic

1 can (15 oz) chick peas (rinsed and drained)

1 roasted red pepper (the jarred variety)

¼ cup reserved liquid from jarred roasted red pepper Or Lemon Juice… I prefer the pepper water

1/3  cup extra virgin olive oil

Pinch of salt (to taste)

½ a roasted red pepper, roughly chopped



In a food processor, pulse on high the two cloves of garlic, until they are minced. Add the chick peas. Process on high for 1 minute or until the peas are a gritty paste. Add the pepper and pulse till its roughly chopped  in the chick peas. Then process on low and pour in the pepper water and olive oil. Texture should be smooth and creamy. Season with salt and pepper and place in a sealable container. Garnish with chopped pepper pieces.  Chill and serve!


I use honey wheat pretzels for dipping in my red pepper hummus but carrot sticks are awesome too!

This should make the perfect snack in between all those homemade green beers!