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Dirt Chicken.

You read that right.

When I went to Oktoberfest last fall, there were kiosks and kiosks of beer, beer, and more beer. But there was one in particular that I remember quite well because I was still sober when I discovered the table.

Todd’s Dirt. A table offering samples of said dirt in different dips beckoned me. I tasted all of them and vowed, after the event, to stop by and pick some up.

Then I got drunk.

And I forgot.

It wasn’t until several weeks later that my friend Mike told me he was roasting a chicken with his dirt and I started to really crave Todd’s Crabby Dirt. And Chicken. So, I did what any desperate for dirt person would do…

I looked up the ingredients online.


Of course as I sit here and write this up, I have already acquired my very own bottle of Crabby Dirt… but this crazy list of ingredients I am about to share had no exact measurements but, for the time, satisfied my craving for Crabby Dirt.


I set up a bowl and combined the following:

1 packet of Lipton Onion Soup Mix




Kosher Salt


Chipotle Powder Chili Powder

Celery salt

Dry Mustard




Black Pepper

Cayenne Pepper

White pepper






There was no measuring these ingredients. I was simply shaking the contents of each bottle into the bowl and hoping for the best.

My nose was telling me it was close enough.

It smelled savory but had an intense smokiness from what I can only guess are the many peppers in this rub… and a sweetness that kind of snuck up on you like that of some cinnamon.


I braced myself and seasoned the chicken. Then, to be sure, I added more onion.

A lot more onion.

Because cinnamon has its place in my life and I don’t think its chicken… but I was willing to try.

I roasted the chicken at 425* for about an hr. The end resulted in a sweet smoky chicken that I ate an alarming rate. The flavors were a little different but the essense of Todd’s Dirt was there!

After my victorious feat, I shared with my friends how desperate I was to recreate this and they in turn surprised me with my own bottle of crabby dirt!

Todd’s is great! and he has a whole line of spices that I highly recommend trying.

on some chicken.

and then roasting it…

and then call me over.

I love a good roasted chicken!

Get yourself some DIRT!!!