Can you believe it has been 9 months since my roommate moved in??

9 months exactly. On Monday, I had the privilege of attending my roommate, Diana’s, commencement from the French Culinary Institute. Commencement was held at the FCI theatre in SoHo, in the same building as L’ecole.


I arrived in the quaint theatre and whipped out my new DSLR (oh, yes, we fancy now) and made myself comfortable taking pics like a boss. (funny thing about this new camera. My already “Out to there” behind is now even MORE in the way as I have to contort in funny angles to capture photos… Because I am some kinda artist now. Psh)


I seized the opportunity to photograph the trays and trays of appetizers and canapes before they became picked over by the savages.


There was a tray of savory goodness… but that photo wasn’t the best. These strawberries were awesome… as well as the 4 glasses of champagne I imbibed.


The ceremony was short and sweet as Chefs were called to receive their plaque’s and “chef hats”


I love this photo! Wish the other chef wasn’t blocking most of it! But peep that sheer happiness!


And then, like a proud momma, I began “Wooting” when Diana scored a prestigious High Honors award. One of 3 in her class!



I took on the role as event photographer and took many pics of the post ceremony cocktail hour.

By the way, 4 glasses of champagne = hot flashes.

No bueno.


Diana gave me a tour of the school afterwards where I spied some awesome chocolate sculptures! I cannot do any of these magnificent things!


Chocolate sushi?? Yes Please!


Industrial kitchens! oh baby!


After the tour, I kept things classy and took Diana to a dive in the city for some wings and beer while her classmates went to fancy dinners… we just keep it gangster that way.

We hit the after party where we partied with her classmates and got a little tipsy.


It was a great night and I was honored to have been apart of it.

Congratulations Chef Diana!