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So, things with the boyfriend have been progressing nicely and we have been devouring this city one restaurant at a time. One of his colleagues told him about a place that he had to try. Knowing how I never turn down a new dining experience, he picked me up and we ventured to the West Village.

Risotteria is a very small restaurant. It must be said that if you have issues sitting next to strangers at close range, this place is not for you.

When we arrived, we were greeted by a small crowd for the Sunday dinner service, as well as a very bubbly and energetic staff.


The menu is quite extensive for a place serving risotto. There are sooo many different kinds of risotto that while we were there, we used our wait time to start deciding on what we wanted to eat.


Luckily, that went by really quickly and we were seated.


On the table was an empty wine table that served as the wine list. BF loved that and was very eager to place our wine order. He chose a refreshing Sauvignon Blanc that went perfectly with our entrée.


Because we were referred by a friend of his, they surprised us with a complimentary appetizer. The eggplant parmigiana was incredibly delicious! Considering that we didn’t come in wanting eggplant, it was definitely a delicious surprise.


BF ordered the proscuitto di Parma which was supple and flavorful.


I ordered the meatballs that were reminiscent of my grandmother’s homemade meatballs!


The main event was the risotto! BF Ordered the lamb and gorgonzola which was smooth and extremly creamy with tender chucks of lamb.


I opted for a more assertive flavor….


Sausage with spinach. The sausage was the best part! But after so many other courses, I found this to be too rich to consume in its entirety. I packed up the rest to go…


And BF ordered us dessert…

Risotteria is a restaurant that does Gluten Free and Vegan! Personally, I don’t have a gluten intolerance, but I don’t mind indulging every now and then.

The Red velvet cupcake wasn’t my favorite.


BF ordered the tres leches. I found it to be on the dry side as I like my tres leches to be dripping with deliciousness.

Aside from the disappointing desserts, Risotteria was a fantastic meal! The food is great and the icing on the cake is the service. All smiles and high energy!

Can’t wait to go back!