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Things have been crazy these last few days. I sat down to take a peak at the blog and realized its been a week since I last blogged.


Change is inevitable in life and with change comes adjustment. While things haven’t been set in stone, the adjustment has begun and I am still finding my rhythm.

Vague. I know. But there will be answers soon enough.

Its been a while since I have mentioned “the Dude”. Life happens and we lost touch for a while but when we recently reconnected, we thought there was no other way to do so than over something delicious. In true Diva and Dude fashion, we chose some place new…correction, Dude chose some place new and I just went with it.

I trust his taste.


He chose LIC Market. A cozy  restaurant with a great décor and awesome staff! Their menu is seasonal. Their happy hour is awesome. We arrived about an hour before the half price beer and wine specials were over.


We gushed over the cutesy, yet simple, décor.

Our server, Gina, was super friendly without being annoying and refreshingly honest. With so many wonderful selections on the menu, we asked for her honest opinion on what we should and should not try.


That particular day was really warm and she recommended we start with the Razor Clams appetizer since the constant change of weather would eventually make these guys impossible to find.

The clams were delicious. The broth they were smothered in was rich with garlic and wine and refreshing bits of parsley. When the clams were gone, Dude and I were using our bread to sop up the delicious broth… next time we ask for a spoon!


When it came to the entrees, Gina was honest and said the portions were a little on the small side and recommended we get an extra side to split. We then asked her for her favorites. She did not disappoint. To share, we got the wild rice and butternut squash. This was definitely delicious, but it wasn’t as good as the other things we tried.

Still, a Plus.


I ordered the Burger. The burger was GINORMOUS. On the side was a delectable wild oyster mushroom and truffle hash. Lately, I am a little hesitant when it comes to truffles as restaurants tend to have a heavy hand with truffle oil that turns me off, big time. But I was very happy with the results of this oyster mushroom and truffle hash. It wasn’t overpowering and every bit as delicious as I wanted it to be.

My burger?



The dude ordered the squab. The squab was also cooked to perfection with a gorgeous jewel-toned center that was tender and mouth-watering. Beneath the squab lay the most amazing brussel sprouts and bacon I have ever had. When I dine with the Dude, we split everything but I insisted he eat most of the squab and leave me as much of the brussel sprouts as he could part with… because they were THAT good!


By the time our meal was through, we were quite full. The restaurant was getting more crowded with locals and I was nursing my 2nd beer (which Gina let me order before the 7pm deadline but kept cold for me until I was ready for it! winnning!) when I spotted the table beside us enjoying something sweet and very inviting.

“Gina, what is that over there!?!”

And then she listed the desserts. And how could we choose just one? Above are the apple fritters they made fresh with a side of crème fraiche. Warm. Cinnamon. Sugary. goodness.


And a berry crumble with crème anglaise.

It was quite a feast! But I wouldn’t have it any other way when reconnecting with one of my favorite peoples in the world.

Here’s to more adventures, Dude.


<a href=”http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/3/1547678/restaurant/New-York/LIC-Market-Long-Island-City”><img alt=”LIC Market on Urbanspoon” src=”http://www.urbanspoon.com/b/link/1547678/biglink.gif” style=”border:none;width:200px;height:146px” /></a>