My Yelp Elite status brought me to the farthest ends of Queens in Douglaston. I will never get the blurred border that is between Queens and Long Island. Its like, you’re in, what you believe is Queens and the you cross the street and now you are on Long Island. Its crazy stuff. But I digress.

When the invites came out to visit Strawberry’s in Douglaston, all the divas were up in arms over the fact that a trip on the LIRR was in order. I will admit, if you asked me 4 years ago to hop on the LIRR from Brooklyn, I would surely laugh in your face. But living in Queens has provided me with many opportunities to hop aboard the iron horse to shave a little time from my commute every now again.

But if you are on the Port Washington bound Railroad and happen to get hungry at the Douglaston stop, get off. Right outside of the station is bar and grill belonging to Former MLB legend Darryl Strawberry. Strawberry’s is appropriately named and is a great sports bar for the sports nuts out there.

Its also a great bar for Yelpy shenanigans.


We arrived on time after a quick 25 minute ride during rush hour.


The lounge is clean and inviting and FULL of sports memorabilia. Nothing like getting your drink on and your culture on!


Any Mets fans in the house??


I will admit, I know squat about sports but the one sport I get all in a tizzy over is baseball. And boy do I love me some baseball!


The bar area is lengthy and if you arrive around lunch time you get quite a hefty meal for a mere $9.95 With that $9.5 you get a beer or soda, soup, salad, burger or sandwich and a side of fries.

Quite a deal!


The Yelpers had an abundance of vodka drinks on the menu, but we preferred the spiked strawberry lemonade that the bar ran out of 3 times!

I got to bring the boy out for his first Yelp event… Heaven help us all.


Strawberry’s is bar food with a barbecue flair. It wasn’t the best BBQ I have ever had but the prices are right here and for the ambiance and the great sports theme, it makes for a great night out.


The sliders were probably highlight of the evening. Messy to eat. but we love messy.


The manager snuck us some of their Philly Cheese steak eggrolls which are the epitome of comfort food crossing that fine line between drunk food and comfort food. I am pretty sure the person who concocted this bad boy had one too many of the spike strawberry lemonades.

I might have been drunk because those were some mighty fine egg rolls.


The award winning chili was packing some serious heat and went deliciously over some nachos. If you were being greedy, you might have just piled a plate high with everything and let the nachos on the bottom wilt from all the loveliness on top of it.


I clearly did get the memo.


but I did get a lot of drunk hugs.


And had a great time with my posse.

A parting gift from the manager was a gift card worth $10 for my next visit to strawberry’s. The commute was really easy. I definitely see myself coming back to knock a few beers back and have some really cheap bar food.

Plaaaaaaay Ball!