My most loveliest of friends, Lara, a very classy lady, invited me and a small party of friends to her home the other day for a home cooked meal. A dinner party. All I was asked to bring was booze. Having a boyfriend who works at a wine store suddenly has fantastic benefits…

Lara, is of Filipino descent and an amazing cook. So when I was given the invite, all I had to do was make sure I was available and hungry on the day of and show up…. so I did.


When it comes to dinner parties, Lara didn’t cut corners. Where I would give out paper plates and plastic forks, Lara and her husband, Greg, brought out all their dishes and glasses for a fancy pants dinner party.


I arrived just as the first course was coming out of the oven. Lechon Kawali. One of the first dishes I tried when I dined Filipino was Lechon Kawali. Juicy slabs of pork with crispy bits of skin, roasted to perfection and dipped in a sweet and savory pork sauce. DSC03817

This was passed around several times! It reminded me of a really juicy pernil…but with white meat.


Next up, Lara whipped up some minestrone soup. It was flavorful and hearty. I had to skimp on my serving because I didn’t want to fill up so quickly! The main course was surely going to be amazing.


Osso Buco. It was my first time having a homemade osso bucco and Lara did an amazing job. It was FALL off the BONE tender and had great big pockets of bone marrow in the sliced bones. Being amongst a group of food enthusiasts, we all were eager to take our soup spoons to scoop out all the delicious bone marrow! Nummers!


We ate the osso bucco on top of simply cooked couscous. The gravy from the osso bucco saturated the couscous and we all sat in silence while stuffing our faces with the tender meat and succulent mirepoix.


I took only breaks to photograph, serve myself more food and to ask for more wine. It wasn’t until after our fantastic meal that we really start to let loose, unbutton a few buttons and have amazing conversation.


Just when we thought the deliciousness was done, Lara gave us each a martini glass filled with lychee panna cotta.

Lara had said it was an experimental dessert but it was so well received. If you love lychees… you would have loved this!

And what’s a dinner party without karaoke in the living room???