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My friend Mike, whom I met via Yelp, is a guy’s guy. He loves to make people laugh and loves to lend a hand when needed. But what he really loves is eating. And since he’s a guy living on his own, a guy’s gotta eat, right?

He’s not afraid to crack open a cookbook for a recipe, either. Recently, he hit me up to tell me about his latest amazing dinner that he picked up from Trader Joes.

“the cabernet pot roast is F*cking amazing ”

Those are some strong words.

So, I made a trip to Trader Joe’s and got the pot roast.


All you need is the pot roast, some potatoes and carrots… and a slow cooker. You CAN make it in the oven… but when there is a choice between the oven and the slow cooker- SLOW COOKER always wins. (for me anyway)


I seared the pot roast in a cast iron skillet on all sides in a cast iron skillet. If this step is any indication of how amazing the pot roast will be, you should breath through your mouth. You will want to consume this immediately. But don’t! low and slow is the key.


Then I plopped it in the slow cooker.


And added a pound of baby carrots an a pound of fingerling potatoes.

I then set it on high for 6 hours (or on low for 12) and went to my room, closed the door and rocked back and forth trying to breath only through my mouth to avoid the delicious aroma coming from my kitchen. 


6 AGONIZING hours later- Behold! Fork tender. DELICIOUS. and nearly EFFORTLESS! (the wait part is the HARD part)

I took the pot roast out of the slow cooker and reserved the drippings to make a gravy. DSC03889

After straining the carrots and potatoes, I added some flour and whisked it into the drippings to thicken the gravy.

Since the boyfriend is a meat and potato guy, I was excited to serve this to him…


But, of course, I had to add some greens to it. It was a hit.

I really enjoyed being able to put dinner together so effortlessly and have it come out so delicious. If you are in a bind or in a rut or just plain lazy, the pot roast was a great buy!

And when a guy tells you that something from Trader Joes is “F*cking Amazing”, take those words to heart. Men don’t joke about meat (well, not the kind you eat…nevermind)