Its been a while since I have had good wings. Like meaty, juicy wings with crisp skin and hot sauce. My local bar has been serving up some puny wings that are dry and disappointing. Craving some REAL wings that satisfy, led me to Brooklyn with Patty and her husband to The Wing Bar.


Nothing but a tiny sign above the bar on Smith Street in Brooklyn to display the wonder that awaits in this quaint bar. Get here early to nab a table. If there is a game, your odds of seating are slim.

Luckily, we got there around the time they opened and nabbed a table in the back. (in the nicer weather, the outdoor area out back is available)


The tableware is nothing fancy. But the ketchup bottles are adorned with nostalgic stickers from my childhood- the garbage pail kids! awesome, isnt it?


Along with the smell of wings at Wing bar, there are pitchers of cheap beer. 8 years ago, I would have requested this Coors light by name… now, if its not a craft beer, I pout. Such a spoiled little girl I am. But I drank my domestic beer happily.


We ordered some mozzarella sticks to start. Nothing over the moon about them. But they are classic bar food and were tasty.


We also ordered the biggest bowl of fries I have ever seen! Salty. Crispy. Potaotey goodness.


But the star here are the wings. Plump wings. Crispy skin. With a hot sauce that is more flavorful than spicy. The hot sauce is not a punch in the throat like most hot sauces; it tastes more like a mild sauce. They also have a BBQ sauce for those that are afraid of a little burn.

I really liked this place and I definitely will be back!

Bring on the wings!