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I think its common knowledge that I met my boyfriend through a mutual friend… and if it wasn’t, it is now. BF’s coworker, “A”, who one of his closest friends, lives in my neighborhood and SHE is friends with Patty, who is one of MY closest friends. We met on the night “A” was celebrating a promotion. Sparks didn’t fly that night but as I stand to call him my boyfriend today, obviously they did at some point.

Since we became official, BF hadn’t seen “A” and they decided a double date was in order. This being my first double date with his friends, I went along and let them nail down the specifics.

They chose Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem.

I was excited. I’ve never been and even though it was my first time hanging with the bf and his friends, I saw no other time like the present to whip  out the camera and document the dinner.


It didn’t take long for them to get used to the FLASH.

We got there on a Sunday at 5pm. It was a ZOO. The wait for 4 was about an hr and a half. We took to stalking tables in the bar to nab a table quickly since we were so hungry. No sooner that we scored a table at the bar our name was called.


We sat down to a large punch with a lot of booze in it. I believe it was called a donkey punch. MMM. Tasty.


“A” is a steak girl and ordered the skirt steak with mac and cheese and salt potatoes. The steak is HUGE and well seasoned and comes with the choice of two sides. As a group, most of us ordered the same sides.


Me and “A”’s boyfriend ordered the same dish. The “Tres Ninos”. 1/4 rack of ribs, pulled pork and some brisket with two sides. I chose the mac and cheese and salt potatoes. The salt potatoes were AMAZING as were the ribs and pulled pork. The brisket was a little dry and the mac and cheese was the biggest let down as it was salty! the topping was like a salt lick. But to each, his own. Others seem to enjoy it.


My BF got the mother of all platters when he ordered the extreme sampler. 1/2 a rack of ribs, 1/2 a chicken, brisket with fries and mac and cheese. He nearly ate it all too… but fell short when it was time to finish the brisket. It was impressive.

I definitely enjoyed Dinosaur BBQ and would return….but would have to skip a few meals ahead of time to fully enjoy the epic portions here!

Fred Flinstone would approve.