Doesn’t THAT sound fancy?

Prior to my Mickey Girl getting sick, I was invited to the Mrs. Roberts Single Malt Whisky tasting. (for Mickey fans, She is doing MUCH better and managed to dodge the surgical bullet….but still rocks that cone of shame like a rock star). Not being one to say no to alcohol, I ventured into the city one evening after work for some imbibing.

What I didn’t plan on was learning…

So, evidently, Mrs. Roberts is a real person! Yes. Yes She is. Mrs. Janet Roberts is the oldest woman in Scottland and is the grand daughter to the creator of Glenfiddich Whisky. Mrs. Roberts, was a very unique woman who endured being the only woman in her law school as well as being a recreational hockey player. It is said that she consumes a dram of whisky a day…shes 110 years old; perhaps the secret to longevity lies in the dram.

This event was put together by Heather Green, who not only loves Mrs. Roberts but loves her some Whisky.


I arrived right on time at this whisky tasting and immediately wished I had brought a date. Not knowing I could, I went stag and had to rely on my personal charm to make some friends. I figured it wouldn’t be too difficult considering we were all there to knock back a few.

I spied a menu at the bar and thought “Oh! A food pairing! Sweet!” and opted to drink as much as the whisky as they poured. I mean, if there is filet mignon on the menu, you wont be too unprepared for the alcohol, right?


I didn’t even have to order my drink. The bartender just handed me this. What exactly it is, I cannot tell you. What I CAN tell you is that it was made with a Glenfiddich whisky. And had bitters. And lemon.

And I had three of them.

So, it was really good.


Not long after a few glugs of liquid courage, I found these two at the bar. They were there being as cute as ever, enjoying each others company and I come out of nowhere and plant myself between them like we have been friends for a long time.

Meet Angela and Miguel. They humored me. They were really sweet. Especially since I tend to ramble when I am nervous… and speak kinda loudly after I have had my share to drink.


We were about to get started and I scored a corner seat. In front of us were three samples of Glenfiddichs Whiskys. A 12 yr. A 15 yr. and an 18 yr old sampling.

Ms. Green went over some important and very informative facts about whisky and how its made. I can tell you I took notes, but I was very unprepared. I did post my findings on facebook but those posts are polluted with drunken stupor.


When the first course started to come out, to be paired with the 12 year old whisky, my excited fizzled at the site of my pairing. A mere bite. Not complaining though as it was delicious! Crispy pork belly with spring pea puree and pickled pear to go with the 12 year old whisky. Amazingly prepared. I gobbled mine up and watched in horror as a woman sitting across from me ate her pork belly and left behind the crunchy part.


The 12 year old Glenfiddich was by far my favorite whisky. It had  magnificent pear notes and went down smoothly. Part two of our tasting required us diluting our whisky, at which point, my 12 yr old whisky was no longer as delicious to me.


Grilled Shrimp with coriander and honey glaze was the next pairing with the 15 yr old Glenfiddich. This dish, was just okay for me as I am not a huge fan of sweet flavors on things I prefer savory… although it was clever, the dish was very one note. If there was a sprinkling of course sea salt, I think this would have blew my mind. The whisky was not my fav as I found it too aggressive but then, after a few drops of water, became more palatable. I was able to identify the sweet honey notes after I diluted.

FYI: AGE doesn’t EQUAL Taste when it comes to whisky. For example, I prefer the 12 yr old whisky to the 15.


My heart was set on the Filet mignon with a blue cheese crust, paired with the 18 year old whisky. And my heart was right to get excited over this. The pairing was magnificent. The woody notes of the 18 year old whisky (do you see how this conversation can become awkward after you have had a few??) were apparent and went very well with the filet mignon. This was a definite favorite and I was sad I only had just a bite!


We were given a vanilla ice cream with caramel made from a 15 year old glenfiddich that was a nice way to end the tasting.

Granted, we were all a little hungry and a lot drunk after this event, I certainly am glad I went.

I learned a great deal about whisky and was impressed that I even liked some. But it was also a great opportunity for me to step out of my comfort zone and attend an event on my own. I knew it was going to be a great evening when on my way to the venue I saw Mario Cantone and made eye contact with him. It was one of the few times where I saw a celebrity and didn’t act like a jackass (please note that I act like a jackass more than I would like to admit)!

yeah, pretty awesome event.