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For the month of May, Foodbuzz has selected me to participate in 24×24. This wonderful experiment I am about to disclose is the combined brilliance of myself and my Brooklyn-born diva, Patty. She is the wonderful person that introduced me to these magnificent places and her shared love for zombies (the frozen kind) and crispy wings has led us here…
Are you one of those people that believe there will be a zombie apocalypse? Do you spend time thinking of ways to prepare for the day when Zombies take over the world?
Well, if you do, you might be watching too much “Walking Dead”; but I will tell you, I have just the thing to ease your mind!
I led a group of fearsome warriors on a mission to the streets of Brooklyn for a feast of Hot Wings at Smith Street’s Finest “The Wing Bar”. Me and 20 other people prepared for battle by filling our stomachs with copious amounts of wings covered in the world’s mildest version of HOT sauce.
After our fiery feast, we went next door to the popular Zombie Hut where we imbibed on frozen zombies and flaming tiki shots in victory of our plan to save the world from the impending Zombie Apocalypse!
Everyone, in my opinion, is in search for that coveted “Wing”. What makes the perfect wing? What makes the perfect hot sauce? And what is the best ambiance? Personally, the wings at “The Wing Bar” are the bee’s knees. Meaty and crispy wings with hot sauce that leaves a slight fire in your mouth that won’t subdue your palette so you can enjoy wing after delicious wing.
The setting could not have been more perfect for our adventure. My guests did not take my Zombie Apocalypse seriously though…but that’s what happens in the movies isn’t it? That one vigilante that is ready from day one and everyone just thinks she’s bat shit crazy. It’s quite alright though- they know where to find me when it all goes down.

535315_3631011345290_1574330012_2949084_1524716932_n (1)

My Weapon of Choice? A fancy Camera. And a Fedora.

I was gonna wear an awesome T Shirt, but a dress felt in order. A Badass Zombie Hunter, in a dress! yes.
For those that don’t know, on Smith Street in Brooklyn with nothing but a small sign above its doors,  “The Wing Bar” is a quaint little sports bar that cranks out wings by the hundreds and pours beer like water. If wings aren’t your thing, they have stuff to please most bellies. Some of my warriors in attendance were on dietary restrictions and found comfort in grilled chicken sandwiches and veggie burgers.


As the group started to trickle in and my excitement started to built, we ordered some beer to loosen us all up. I also needed to ease my anxieties as it the first leg of our trip was outdoors and the weather forecast in NYC has called for Thunder and rain. Lots of it. 


My love for IPAs goes strong and at the Wing Bar they are a reasonable $6 a pop! Bring on the booze!

Our waiter, Steve, was always anticipating our next step. As a large group it was quite challenging to cater to all of our needs, but aside from 20 different drink orders, I kept it simple and ordered 100 wings. 25 BBQ, 25 Mild, and 50 Hot.


There was something for everyone as some people venture out and ordered fried pickles, ribs and grilled chicken sandwiches. Or, you know, the Carrots and Celery that come with every order of wings. Warriors need their vegetables too sometimes… covered in Blue Cheese dressing please.


We ate.


We drank.


We conquered.


It was quite a great time!


And when I thought it couldn’t get any better, the skies started to darken, I got the check and rallied the troops over next door to the Zombie Hut.


Did you know we spent more money on BOOZE than we did on Wings? Yeah. True Story.


The Zombie Hut holds a lot of fond memories for me. A lot of drunkenly fond memories, but its where I spent my 23rd birthday and where I had drinks with Patty after I told her I was moving.


The Zombie Hut is your average tiki bar. But what I love most about the Zombie Hut, is the vibe. There is a great casual feel to this bar with couches and a great outdoor area, one can cop a spot and play board games provided by the bar. It also makes for a great place to bring a large group right before it starts to pour.


Seizing the moment, I ordered a round of Zombies for the first group of people to enter the bar. My warriors.

IMG_9184       IMG_9185

(1st Photo: Diana and Kristy; 2nd Photo: Alyssa)

The wonderful thing about the frozen zombie is not just the taste but it’s that first sip that really messes with people. Wanting to make a true experience for everyone, I made them reserve their first sip for my camera that was waiting anxiously.

IMG_9247       IMG_9270

(1st Photo: Mel; 2nd Photo: Julia)

You see, each Zombie is prepared with a deliciously fruity blend with a sugared rim and a straw. The straw is filled with 151. So, that first sip REALLY bites!

After that though, the drink is really pleasant…it’s the kind of drink that really sneaks up on you. And no matter how many you have, that first sip ALWAYS gets you!

Now, onto the apocalypse.


Jen uses her hands to protect herself and Patty from an incoming Zombie… I am pretty sure this makes them the first to die. But this is only a drill people. No need to worry.


(See? Zombies aren’t bad after the first sip… actually REALLY good!)

After our liquid courage, I went around preparing the troops for the impending Zombie Apocalypse. I have always been a fan of Zombie paraphernalia and have a true love for Zombie movies. My true loves are the ones that are fun, like “Shawn of the Dead” and “Zombieland”…but I would be remiss to leave out my favorite source of Zombie love: The Walking Dead.

Diana (above photo, giving the “deuces”), not much of a Zombie lover, admittedly said that if Zombies were legitimately taking over, she would park herself in a bar and get shit faced. You gotta love honesty.


Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

My go to list of survival tips is straight from the source: Zombieland. I think we all know, if we have seen a Zombie movie, that the best way to defeat a zombie is to go for the head… which, ironically, the same can be said for the frozen zombie. 🙂 But when you are in the midst of the apocalypse, these rules should keep you alive.

Rule #2: The Double Tap. (is that asshole down for good? Make sure or its your ass!)

Rule #25: Shoot First (The moment you stop to think, you’re done…unless its Bill Murray pretending to be zombie… then you’re an asshole for killing Bill Murray. I love Bill Murray.)

Rule #29: The Buddy System (because I am a chicken shit… and you need someone to watch your back)

Rule #1: Cardio (how many fatties do you see in the end of a zombie movie? Exactly!)

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s get this party started, right???


The group really let it all hang out as they practiced their focus during a nail biting game of Jenga. The suspense was unbearable!


To ease our tensions, a round of tiki shots were in order!


And Not just ANY tiki shots…


FACT: You can Kill Zombies with Fire (according to #4)

ANOTHER FACT: When you set your shot on fire, the glass gets really hot.

ONE MORE FACT: When people drink too many Frozen Zombies and Flaming tiki shots, they begin to exhibit Zombie-like behaviorIMG_9267

Mel is a vegetarian but after a few Zombie bites, she can’t resist taking a bite of Phil’s Sneaker.


Mike and Mel both seem to be under the transformation.


And me? Well, I sometimes stop and scream instead of taking immediate action!

Rule #17: Don’t Be a Hero.


Overall, the event was a huge success. Such a relief considering this horrible rainy weather we have been getting in NYC! Everyone had a great time and humored me during my Zombie rants.  And no, I did not plan this in accordance with the Zombie Crawl, but lets pretend I did, m’kay?

What will YOU do when the Zombie Apocalypse takes over the world?!?!