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Here I am, in the 2nd week of June and I still have not yet moved. This is probably the most stressful month of my life. My new apartment is almost ready for me and I sit in my current dwelling surrounded by boxes and an empty kitchen. I have never had cabinets so bare.

Its times like these that I will be making very unimaginative meals and ordering take out so as not to add to the things I have to bring with me when I move. I had a google Offer for dinner at Clinton Street Baking Company in the lower east side of Manhattan. The deal was for two drinks, a dinner entree and an order of pancakes; a $42 value purchased for $24.

I did some research on Yelp and saw that this place is well known for their pancakes and often have hour long waits for an order of their fluffy buttery pancake.


I planned ahead and arrived at the start of their dinner service on a Wednesday. There was no wait. The establishment is not by any means large. Its your typical NY restaurant with small tables that are a mere inches away from the next. This is the one part of NYC dining that I cannot stand.


I went into the restaurant thinking that I was going to give my dinner companion the pancakes and keep the entrée for myself. It was as we were seated that they placed this plate of hot buttermilk biscuits in front of us that I decided we should split everything.



Because these buttermilk biscuits alone made me want to lick the plate. They were magical. If you have a weakness for warm breads, this biscuit alone will be worthy of your treats. The perfect amount of flakiness, buttery-ness, and salt. They melted on my tongue.


And any crumbs left behind were washed down with ice cold Brooklyn Lagers. Kudos to Clinton Street for allowing the google offer to include alcohol!


For the entrée, we ordered the Clinton Street Burger with cheddar cheese and caramelized onions. Sounds perfect, right?


This was perhaps one of the worst burgers (not as bad as Danny Brown) that I have had. The beef was cooked properly but was completely lacking in flavor. The ground beef should have been seasoned with at least a shake of salt.

I quickly pushed aside my half of the burger and moved onto something more worthy.


A stack of buttermilk pancakes topped with a blueberry compote and a side of warm maple syrup.

I enjoy pancakes.

However, I am more of a savory person rather than sweet. So when I sunk my teeth into these pancakes and wanted to cry, I knew all of the awards Clinton Street Bakery has won for their pancakes were righteously earned. The pancakes were fluffy but bore those crispy edges that came from preparing the pancakes in a healthy coating of butter on a hot grill top. The combination of elements made these the best pancakes I have ever had for dinner… and pancakes that I will walk to the far ends of the earth for.

Its that serious.

When I looked around at 6pm that evening, every table in the restaurant had a stack of pancakes on it.


That speaks VOLUMES!

The burger was a fail but the pancakes more than made up for it!


Even sweeter was when we got the check.

I love when my dinners are already paid for! All that was left was to tip our server. It was a dinner I know I will come back for.

Considering it gets so crowded here, I would never come here for brunch unless I arrive the second the kitchen opens.