When its not raining these days in New York, its incredibly muggy. The other night, I was home, eating ramen relaxing and listening to the rain when Patty invited me to the Garden for a girls night slash birthday celebration. I said maybe. Then 20 minutes before she was going to head out, I jumped up and got ready. In my haste I neglected to consider the weather after all day rain…

It was insanely muggy and humid.

… and my hair was down. F.M.L.


The girls met up at the Garden at Studio Square in Astoria which is relatively new; maybe open a little more than a year. It’s a huge venue with massive tables in the yard out back. Having never been to any other beer gardens, I was particularly taken by this venue. When I entered the garden area, despite the humidity that felt thick enough to slice, good music was blasting over the speakers and the crowd was buzzing with positive energy. I actually had butterflies in my tummy.

There were also sailors present.

But then I got a better look and realized, they were old so it didn’t count.


The bar area was cranking out pitchers left and right. They sold sangria by the pitcher, even cocktails like Vodka lemonade by the pitcher. I kept it classy ordering a pitcher of an IPA and a pitcher of Sam Adams Cherry Wheat. Pitchers ranged from $16-22, which I thought was really affordable.


When 15+ people in a group each buy a pitcher, one thing is for sure:

Drunkeness will follow.


It didn’t take long.

With the evil humidity, we were all extremely thirsty. We knocked back our ice cold beer like it was water.


Look how sober and not sweaty I look! That didn’t last long. Trust me.


Patty’s Husband said I was being annoying.

as per usual.


The birthday Girl’s boyfriend demonstrates his skill at pouring drinks HIS way and not the RIGHT way. We all threatened if he spilled any of that precious vodka lemonade, he’d have to buy two more!

He didn’t spill it.

We don’t waste alcohol!


I turned away to use the ladies room…and was impressed with the way the staff handled the lines. when the Ladies room line got too long, they took half of the ladies off the line and put them ahead of the men on line. Not to worry, there were individual restrooms. And the lines moved uber quickly.

I came back to massive buckets of french fries and chicken wings.


Just how massive? That plastic cup holds 20 oz of fluid. The bucket of fries? Probably can hold a newborn baby.


The bucket of buffalo wings was just as large!

This place was awesome. I have actually made mental note to come back when its not humid and horrible outside.