Spoiler Alert: This might make you cry.

Six Months ago I wrote about my friends son who was diagnosed with a Brain Stem tumor known as Pontine Glioma. This aggressive tumor, which has a very small rate of survival, has taken a tremendous toll on a 6 year old boy named Josia.
After my post went live in December, the family took great lengths to raise awareness and fundraise for Josia’s foundation. They were able to raise the money to start alternative treatments at the Burzynski clinic after Chemo and Radiation were unsuccessful. They also made appearances on local news stations and met with local government; all with the agenda of saving their precious little boy.
Since then, they have also added a new member to the family. A healthy baby boy named Noah.

As I write this, my heart is heavy. My heart is grieving. The baby boy I once held in my arms is in a coma as we speak. He is 6 years old. And he is dying.

I’ve been keeping my dear friends in my heart and prayers but now it seems that God has plans of his own. If you pray, pray for strength as my closest friends endure the hardest thing any parent has to endure. And pray for comfort as Josia fights for his life. I still believe in miracles and should

You know I am not one for dramatics, friends, but I wanted to share this in hopes that more people will think of Josia. Josia was diagnosed in August 2011. He was given a year to live if treatment was unsuccessful. Tomorrow is not promised. Make every day count!

And to the Cotto Family,

My heart is heavy and i am in awe of the strength you exhibit. I just dont know how you get by the minutes of the hours and the hours of the day. But you do. God Bless you all. I love you all trememdously and i will continue to keep you in my heart and in my prayers.



6/15/12, 2:30 pm UPDATE: Shortly after this post went live, Josia lost his battle with brain cancer. My heart goes out to the Cotto Family. Right before he took his last breath, he waved to his parents. There will be no more suffering for this little prince.

Rest in Peace Josia. You will always be loved lil man.