It feels like it has been WEEKS since I posted anything. But the last few days have been CHAOTIC!  If you have been reading for a while, you’ll know that I have been in moving limbo for almost two months. At some point I just kinda felt like “Yeah, I’m moving, sometime never” and let my things sit in my apartment without putting much effort into packing.

Out of nowhere last Wednesday, I got a call saying my apartment was ready. Like a bat out of hell, I left work in a haste and picked up the keys to my new apartment. Its crazy! I ran over here and just marveled at my new Co-op. Because of some strict rules with the co-op, I had to move in on a weekday so I opted to move in on friday… which meant needing to pack like my life depended on it on Thursday.

Packing on Thursday took 14 hrs. The kitchen took 6 hrs alone. How the hell do I have that much stuff in a kitchen??? Its bananas. And to make matters worse, Thursday’s heat index in NYC was 105*. The only air conditioning was in my bedroom… so packing was exhausting, frustrating and stressful. I tried not to fret though because this was the first time in my life that I hired movers.

Prime Movers from Greenpoint, Brooklyn showed up at my apartment in Queens on friday morning and got right to work. They said they could take apart my furniture… but then they didn’t have the right tools to take apart my bed. And after 2 hrs of trying to put all of my 1 bedroom into a truck, there was the notion that not everything was going to fit in the truck.

Then I cried a little.

But these guys didn’t play around. They strapped my bed to the top of their truck and worked magic. All but a few small things made it onto the truck (I had to come back to the apartment later to get the last of it). As the movers arrived at my new place, they were unloading at lightning speed. The skies began to darken and I stood in front of my ginormous window watching the rain pour from the sky onto my bed that was strapped onto the top of the moving truck.

The movers were quick and brought down the bed as fast as they could. It did get a little wet. But not damaged, thank goodness. The pouring rain delayed the move for about an hour.

Hiring movers was supposed to eliminate the stress of moving. The small hiccups throughout the day left me exhausted, mentally and physically. To add to the shit show, when my father took me to get the last few things in the apartment we got a parking ticket and then got stuck in another downpour.

It was quite a day! A day that I will surely remember forever.

But as I sit here, I cannot believe I am in my own place. My only roommate is Mickey… She’s still adjusting and seems a little sad but hopefully she will make some new doggy friends!

I am so grateful its all over with. And now, I am here! And I am ready to make messes in my new kitchen!

Thanks for hanging in there!