HAPPY 4th of JULY!

If you’re American, you likely have today off. And if you’re working, damn, that sucks.

I am among most of the city population without a backyard so grilling options are limited for me. While I will be sitting by a grill today, (and poolside), making the traditional Independence Day Fare.

Hot dogs. Burgers. Pernil. Rice. (Puerto Ricans have rice and pernil all. the. time) And BBQ chicken!

There is nothing like the smell of charcoal burning that gets me ready for summer. it just brings me back!

But sometimes you crave some good ol bbq fixings and just cant get to a grill. To make do, you can certainly make a homemade version in the oven. DSC04091

And its not hard.

I had some chicken, some spices and my favorite BBQ sauce.

I seasoned the chicken with onion, salt and powder and then using a brush, covered the chicken in bbq sauce on both sides.


I placed the chicken in the oven at 375* and baked for 70 minutes.


I kept brushing the chicken at every 20 minute mark, to make sure it was covered in BBQ sauce.


The end result was a juicy piece of bbq chicken. The only thing missing was the delicious char from the grill.


Hope you all have a happy and healthy fourth of July!