After a tumultuous move, I sat in my apartment surrounded by boxes that I had painstakingly packed. The process of moving is so annoying. You put everything you own into a box, transport it, take it out of the box and figure out where it all goes.

I moved from a 2 bedroom to a studio. Naturally, a lot of stuff had to be trashed. And with the stuff I didn’t trash, I had to find places to put it all! Just when I was at my wits end, I got a phone call from my friend Phil.

“Get dressed. Me and Stacey are in Brooklyn.”

I needed a break from all the boxes, I really did. I made a huge dent in the first 48 hours but if I had to look at another mother-loving box, I was going to lose my mind.

So, I met up with Phil and Stacey in the North Side of Williamsburg where we walked around and talked. They chose Mable’s SmokeHouse for dinner.


Mable’s is a stand out in among the dive bars and trendy chic restaurants. Its rustic and country interior transport  you to the country side. Like restaurants of its kind, you walk into Mable’s, spot your table and go to the counter to order. You then receive a table number and your food is brought to you.


Since Phil and Stacey were regulars there, they recommended the cherry limeade..with a kick. Not being a fan of super sweet drinks, this was awesome!


Between the three of us, we had two deluxe samplers. For $27  we got an order of smoked brisket, ribs, pulled pork, cole slaw, bbq sauce, sliced bread and a choice of 3 sides. For the first order, we chose mac and cheese, bbq baked beans, and potato salad.

The mac and cheese wasn’t my favorite. The baked beans and cole slaw were freaking wonderful.


For the 2nd order, our sides were pickled beets, collard greens and more potato salad.

The potato salad is the bees knees.

But my absolute favorite was the brisket. It was so tender! and yet so lean! They also managed to create “fall off the bone” tender ribs that were lean.

The owners of this joint are a sweet married couple born and raised in the south. They have lived in Williamsburg for the last 12 years with dreams of opening this amazing place. It is destined for greatness. With their mentions in all of the best food magazines and newspapers, Mable’s is not a place to pass up!