I had the honor and privilege of attending Brooklyn Betrothed last week. An event I was personally invited to by my High School Pal, Megan. She recently made a major career change into event planning. I am incredibly proud of her and admire her for following her dream!

Her dream led her to the Green Building in Gowanus, Brooklyn where she aids couples in planning their perfect wedding, and special occasions of the like. To celebrate the one year anniversary of the Green Building, they hosted a party that seemed more like an open house of sorts to sample the way to enjoy the space. Brooklyn Betrothed.


I arrived during the heat wave. The air conditioning was on but with the crowd control and the insane heat, staying cool was difficult.


But with sights like this to behold, being a little warm was the last thing on my mind. Now that I have a new place to decorate, I really found a lot of inspiration and great ideas!


Such simple little touches with pops of color that really took my breath away.


I loved the usage of votives and different sized bottles for flowers.


This tower of cake pops would be great for a baby shower! or even a bridal shower! Added this idea to my list!


vanilla and chocolate cake pops. I definitely sampled my share.


I fell in love with this display too!


Some tasty bites were provided!


and a few libations.


Great use of every day things to make awesome decorative pieces! These had plates of food on top of them. Wish I could have captured that!


Some water with herbs. Nice way to beat the heat.




And something new to me. Watermelon with feta and basil. Delicious!


Speaking of Delicious, here is my beautiful Megan greeting guests.

The green building is a charming establishment. Its huge space can hold up to 299 people! Its versatile, allowing guests to decorate it as they wish. Its also an old building with a lot of nice old school touches for the minimalist and shabby chic lovers.

While I am a single lady with no potential suitors at the moment (sorry I didn’t tell you sooner), this place is on my radar for that possibility of “what if”