Right now as we speak, the skies are pitch black and there is a thunderous storm a brewin’ in NYC. Some find storms scary but when I am home, I love a good storm! To those that are in areas with potentially falling trees and exposed live wires, I hope you stay safe!

This month has been super busy for Yelp Elite members in Manhattan. It seems like there is an event every other day. Our new CM, Ruggy, is really making a name for himself with these amazing venues!

Our latest event was a R.S.V.P in the South Village area of Manhattan and is a pretty new spot.


Not only did we get to schmooze at this posh place but we also had a live cooking demonstration from former Hell’s Kitchen Cheftestant, Seth Levine. The same Seth Levine that I had the privilege of meeting at the Sons of Essex Summer preview.


No Yelp event is complete without yelp Swag. Tattoos and shades! The shades are a new hot item. And I must say, are damn cute.


My buddy Phil poses here with the former Community Manager of Manhattan, Ms. Jane. She’s now the marketing director! Go Jane!

Its always nice to see old friends. Smile


And even nicer to see cooking demonstrations on Chef Levine’s Truffle mac and cheese.


We were given small tastes at a time. Totally understandable but also note that I had about 5 portions of these shot glasses. Smile with tongue out

To go with our sweet cooking demonstration, the CM ran a contest where the winner would receive a privately cooked dinner by Chef Levine in their own home. I entered but haven’t heard anything yet.

Fingers Crossed!


The libations were flowing at R.S.V.P. and the bar area was jammed packed! But the bar maids were swift moving and always smiling!


I had an African Rum Sunrise while Phil had an African Rum Mojito. These potentially would have been dangerous but they were weak. No matter to me. The last thing I want is to be wasted on a weeknight…



I played photographer for a little while and captured the gorgeous interior of RSVP.


Kinda fancy, no?


There was a makeshift photobooth set up with props and the like and naturally after a few weak cocktails, we just let loose and had a good time.


and I , uh…. well.

I got a little bit silly.IMG_9521

IMG_9523 Okay, a lot silly. But that’s what makes the day go by.

Fun times!