Last weekend was Father’s Day. At least in my household. Typically, in the month of June, me and dad have brunch or do something fun for fathers day but with his vacation plans and my impending move, we pushed it back to July. I always feel that getting the typical tie or bottle of cologne is overdone and really unoriginal. I had several ideas this year about Father’s Day but I think I really knocked it out of the park this year.

My friend Julia had a birthday party at a gun range and soon after, my friend Phil became a member of the gun range. It hit me. What better way to spend some quality time together for fathers day than at the gun range!?

Westside Pistol and Rifle Range is located in the Chelsea area of Manhattan. On a very normal and unassuming block in Manhattan, into a building and on the basement level lies a shooting range. Retired officers and the like can be found here, talking shit and taking advantage of the free coffee.


For $65 (after passing a background check) one is entitled to a lesson on shooting a .22 caliber rifle, 50 rounds of ammunition and a firing session.


Our lesson was very thorough as taught by a man named Raymond. There were other students in our class and I don’t know what it is about some people but the presence of firearms brought out the dumbass in them. I was embarrassed for them.

Instructor: Can you please grab that first seat up in the front?

Woman: Um, No I cannot. I am very claustrophobic.

Instructor: So, how will you be able to operate your firearm in the small space we provide in the range?

Woman: I will be okay by then.


Young Woman: Are .22 calibers more deadly the the bigger bullets you have in your hand?

Instructor: Why is that relevant?

Young Woman: I just want to know.

Instructor: ::crickets::


Instructor: if you wanted to shoot something other than a rifle, you have very good odds in Pennsylvania as their gun laws are less strict.

Another young Woman: Do you have to get a background check in PA?

Instructor: ::raises eyebrow::


Seriously, as a student I was mortified for them. And if I were the instructor, I would question allowing them to proceed any further just on suspicion.  But we all continued and I am happy to say we all left unscathed.


We learned how to load our magazines. Each one holds 5 bullets. Loading the magazines got our hands covered in lead. I was sure to not touch my face or clothing for the entire time.


After about an hour of lessons, we suited up with sound proof headphones and goggles. From there, we were given targets to hit as far as 50 feet away.


Our 50 rounds went very quickly so we purchased more ammo ($7 for another 50 rounds). Dad is a pretty good shot considering his vision is not what it used to be.


I was a bit of a show off with my nice grouping in the center of the target. The range was a great stress reliever. And with my initial visit, I automatically received a 3 month membership where I can return any time I want within the 3 months to fire for $35. If I wanted a year membership, it would be $210 for the year and unlimited ammo.

Not a bad deal!

And the one thing I recommend is to wear long sleeves. The shells are super hot and can graze your skin after you take your shot.

Amazing father daughter day! (followed by drinks at Brooklyn Brewery WOOT)