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During my last days in Queens, I was looking to get rid of any and everything that wouldn’t fit in my apartment. I tried to bless people with things but they never committed to owning an appliance. I tried to sell my things that were in great condition, but I am without a vehicle and carrying said items via public transportation was a No No. So out in the trash went my bread maker, ice cream maker, pop corn maker, and about a million mismatched glassware pieces. It was very heartbreaking to part with them but I set forth on a journey to have less junk. And when it all came down to it, I hadn’t used any of those appliances in YEARS- so hopefully the finder of those items discovers their inner chef.
One thing I successfully managed to give to someone was my elliptical. The elliptical was a hand-me-down given to me by my cousin. One of the axels on the machine needed greasing and when I couldn’t figure out how to fix it, I abandoned it and made it a nice towel rack. My friend Angel stepped up to take the machine off my hands and to thank me, took me out with my now ex-boyfriend.
While we tossed around different ideas on where to have dinner, we ultimately decided to have dinner in Queens. Sushi Island. I have had the pleasure of dining at sushi island way back when Mickey first came into my life. My other ex boyfriend used to bring dinner from sushi island. This was my first time dining at Sushi Island. It’s not a huge place by any means but the staff here are very attentive and polite. It’s a place I would surely return to just for the great service.


Angel jumped in and ordered us some appetizers. A rock shrimp dish as well as a crab salad. It could be my love for mayonnaise (I am proud of it) but the crab salad knocked it out of the park for me. I couldn’t get enough of it. Artificial crab, with cucumbers and sesame seeds dressed in mayonnaise and placed atop some sort of cracker. Addicting.


The Rock shrimp was great too. Not wanting to be greedy, I only took a piece of the rock shrimp but it was difficult not to go back for more. The ex shamelessly ate what we all were too modest to finish.

I really wanted to save room for my entrée which was a sushi platter. Sushi is one of those things that I can never tire of. This sushi was fresh and very tasty. I looked at it and will admit t doubting it would be enough for me but amazingly, it was. I tend to eat with my eyes.
Sushi Island is not too far from the Queens Center Mall where I still on occasion can find myself emptying my bank account. I would definitely pay them a visit for a nice post shopping lunch or dinner with mom. Its also not a bad spot for a nice dinner with someone special. Go for the service and fresh food… not for the décor. It’s a bit dated and tacky