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When I was invited to attend one of the many Elite events in July, the one I was most looking forward to was the Generous Pour at Capital Grille. Two hours of wine tasting with food pairings from the very prestigious and very delicious, Capital Grille; I was elated. Believe it or not, I was without a +1 until the day before the event. Having moved and become single again left me with a small pool of potential plus ones. Not to mention, all the people I would have asked already had invites to this event.
Cue mom.

That’s right. I asked my mother to come with me. Now that we are neighbors again, we have been spending a lot of time together as a family. It’s really kind of awesome. When she heard wine and Capital Grille she needed but a second to mull it over.
And just like that I was bringing my mom to an Elite event.

We arrived on a disgustingly muggy day in the Financial District of Manhattan; muggy is an understatement when referring to NYC Summers. A red carpet marked our entrance into the gorgeous interior that is Capital Grille.

After checking in and securing the Yelp Swag (amazing corkscrews, courtesy of Capital Grille), we found a cozy spot at the bar and helped ourselves to some sparkling Rosé and Lobster.

You read that right.

A lovely ice sculpture with the bright red Yelp logo held an endless supply of shrimp cocktail and lobster tails. I haven’t had lobster in a quite a while and helped myself to an embarrassing number of the lobster tails. Three. And some of the biggest shrimp I have ever seen. It was all so fresh and amazing.
I also had a lobster and crabcake slider that was every bit as delicious as it sounds! Paired with a buttery Chardonnay.
Despite the complimentary service, there is proper etiquette for Elite members to be mindful of. Sure, everything is free, but tipping your servers is a MUST! And also, to behave in a manner that is proper and not savage-like. I have been to events where guests attack servers for a bite of food; it’s embarrassing. Along the same lines of behaving at events, it’s knowing your limits. The alcohol is free and pouring freely. Knowing when to stop is key.

Everyone was getting a kick out of my mom at the event. And it was mostly for the fact that I brought my mom but also that mom broke that last little Elite rule: Knowing your Limits.
After our third serving of sparkling Rosé, they opened up the 2nd floor of Capital Grille for the red wine tasting. Her excitement got the best of her. We ran up to the second floor where 10 red wines waited to be sampled. Along with the reds were delicious food pairings.

A Carving station with perfectly cooked lamb chops.
Angus Beef Sliders.
Grilled asparagus.
And so much more!
While fetching samples of meats to accompany my wines (with the awesome wine glass holder plates), my mom was sitting at a booth spinning in a sea of “OH SHIT, I DRANK TOO MUCH”.

Towards the end, she was obviously ready to go home. I, as her daughter, probably should have monitored her more closely… but then again, have you ever tried to say No to my mother?
The ride back home was an interesting one. Every time I asked her if she was okay, she kind of stared into space while turning several shades of Green. And when she did answer, it was to say “Don’t talk to me right now or I will hurl” and my favorite “Why did you let me drink so much?”.
I am happy to say she made it home just fine and took a nice long nap that brought back her normal skintone.
It made for an awesome memory of my mother’s first Manhattan Elite event.
The event itself was amazing. The service we received was unlike any other. The last leg of the evening was dessert.

Crème brulee cheesecake bites.

Small cups of flan.

Chocolate Truffles. All found their way to my table with a glass of dessert wine. The dessert wine was my least favorite but the desserts? My Goodness! Homeruns for sure!

Photos Courtesy of Yelp Paparazzi