Since moving on my own 4+ years ago, I have developed a sort of frugality. I became more aware of my spending and that of course, led to being more responsible with my dollars. Certain things in my life became higher priorities. Feeding myself was always something that I took very seriously. Friends of mine will budget their finances and leave out the grocery part giving them the option of rice and ramen as their only sources of nourishment. Budgeting my groceries was serious and it often left me with just enough to get by.
Luxuries, like spa days and salon visits became just that. Living in this city a visit to the salon can be costly. And if you have long hair, you can pay a minimum of $60 just for a wash, cut and dry! But, here I sit with a hairstyle that I absolutely love and I paid NOTHING for it.
Bumble and Bumble is a high end salon that has the most talented stylists working to make people beautiful every single day. But not all of us can afford the price tag that comes with getting a high end hair-do’. That’s where Bb.U comes in. Bb.U is the Bumble and Bumble University and throughout the year they host “Model Calls”. These model calls bring women and men in for an evaluation.
Come in with clean hair in its natural state and have the staff member suggest a look for you. At Bb.u, professionals come in for an opportunity to learn a new technique. Techniques  like Up-do’s, blow dry’s, highlights and razor cuts. Based on the length of my hair, I was the perfect candidate for a hair styling session as well as the long layers Razor cut.
Now, the part that freaks a lot of people out is the fact that the people doing your hair are technically “students”. When I told my mother I was getting my hair done at Bb.U, she was anxious for me. And her primary concern was someone “messing up” my luscious locks. The pics below speak for themselves.
When I sat in the chair at Bb.u, I met my stylist. (And I also saw a familiar face!) My Stylist was to perform a round brush blow dry on my hair. When she started, she felt my hair. Ran her fingers through it to get a sense of the texture and way it fell. When she was ready to style, she brought over a gentleman who was sort of like a supervisor and gave him a brief rundown of how she was going to do my hair. He was nearby overseeing 3 others who were working as well. When he gave the thumbs up, she got to work.

Picture 089

My hair to begin with, is very long. It’s also very limp. My before picture shows my dull hair clinging to my scalp and kind of just there.
She began the session by washing my hair with Bumble and Bumble products. A thickening shampoo and conditioner to liven up my hair. I sat there enjoying the treatment since its been 4 years since a professional has touched my locks. I watched in awe as she styled my hair. A little drying here, some rolling there; a spritz here, and a brush there. After 2 hrs, she began to slowly reveal my look, one roll of hair at a time and I was amazed at the transformation. My limp hair was now bouncy. And full! With the help of some hairspray, I had what they called “Kardashian swoop” in my bangs.

Picture 115

The end result was simply stunning. I took my “after” photo and was all smiles. I immediately booked my next appointment. This time, for a haircut.
I went in completely confident for my haircut since I really needed a haircut and my hairdry experience was so positive.
I had a different stylist and she was amazing, as well. She told me what she thought would work best for me and was completely tuned into what I was looking for. She was initially going to take only 2 inches off but I wanted more. So buh-bye to 4 inches of my hair. She consulted the instructor who gave his nod of approval and away she went. What I loved most was how she gave me instructions while she was styling my hair so that I could create the same look on my own. One of my reservations about layered hair was upkeep. The end result was thrilling.


Not wanting to miss a photo opportunity, I took these images on my own.
This experience has been a very positive one. Not only did I get a free hair cut and style, but I received a discount on Bumble and Bumble’s high-end products.


I would normally use this space to talk about something delicious… but tell me, how is this hair cut anything BUT delicious?
If you live in the NY area, you should really consider it! It’s not only a free haircut for you, but its providing an artist an opportunity to hone their skill (and a product discount!) Check it out here!