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Okay. So its not rocket science. It’s a cucumber sandwich. But in its simplicity, is delicious and satisfying.

It all started when Pioneer Woman made a veggie and cheese bagel. I have never had it before but the image of that bagel loaded with veggies was mouth watering. It looked like the perfect texture party! It was actually too busy of a sandwich for me as I am a bagel purist… But truth be told, when I was in high school, my favorite “snack” was an everything bagel with cream cheese and crushed Doritos. Looking back, I am not sure what I was thinking other than  how much I loved the crunch in the sandwich.

The following day, with that bagel still on my mind, I walked into my local bagel store and ordered an everything bagel with cream cheese AND CUCUMBER. And then they crushed me. “We don’t have cucumber”


With my heart broken, and no bagel with cream cheese and cucumber, I left. I went for a walk instead and ended up the Union Square Green market. I love the Green market. I always find such amazing things there. And wouldn’t you know it…I found an incredible display of cucumbers. 


So you know I took one home. And I proceeded to fulfill my need for a cucumber sandwich.

-1 flatbread or bagel

– 5 cucumber slices, thin

– 2 Tablespoons whipped scallion cream cheese

That’s all I need. The simplicity of it all. The deliciousness. The texture. I was excited about a sandwich.

Stranger things have happened.


I toasted the sandwich flatbread. For added crunch.

Then I smeared cream cheese on both sides of the bread.

I layered the cucumbers on one half of the flatbread and then topped it with the other half.


Behold! My craving!

I sunk my greedy little teeth into it. Bliss. Crunchy. Creamy. Savory.



Liked it so much, I ate it for breakfast every day last week!

(that might have been overkill, tho)