This month, I participated in an awesome program where bloggers and readers chose names at random and sent each other goodies. I mean, I love the idea of strangers coming together and sharing things they love. FOOD.

There is a weird stigma that some people carry about receiving goods from strangers but as a blogger, this kind of behavior is common and how I met a lot of my friends across state lines!

This month, I got to send a health blogger goodies from NY. it was a little challenging because she was vegan but I put together a few things for her that I thought she might enjoy from the big apple.

Deanna, a reader, picked my name and sent me this hefty box of awesomeness!


The rules were to send food items and the total had to be around $15. Deanna did a great job selecting things for me!


I opened it and squealed with delight!


Fiber bars, sea weed snacks


teas and peas!


Gum! taco mix!


and even this rice mix that I cannot wait to play with!


and the bestest jar of Cookie Butter!


I asked Deanna to write a little something, so here goes:

I’m Deanna and this was my first FPP month.  It was so fun to shop for and send Monique these items.  I chose Trader Joe’s because I’m seriously addicted to TJ’s.  The foods are chose for Monique and why:  Cookie Butter because it’s the filling in one of TJ’s BEST candy bar;  my favorite gum; a seaweed snack that I really never tried but was dying to buy it for someone; green tea; protein bars; taco seasoning- because it’s so good but a tad spicy for me. I hope you enjoyed every last drop of the cookie butter!!!  This was fun!

Deanna, thank you so much for everything! I really loved it! I cant wait to participate again next month!