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By the powers that be, I discovered a new blog and this blog, Food in Jars, has ignited a slight obsession with canning. Canning is a process I am somewhat familiar with having friends that grow their own produce. It’s the process of preserving fresh fruits and vegetables that seems to have made a comeback from waaaay back in the day.
For me, the obsession is not about having a stock supply of preserves (although that is a bonus) but it was a use for the dozen or so mason jars that I have in my possession. There is something very beautiful about mason jars. Their simplicity, their design, and their multiple functions! I have been toying with the idea of using my mason jars as vases but when this wonderful site came into my Google Reader, I became obsessed with canning.
Most canning is pickling. Pickled vegetables and fruits are probably the easiest procedures for a novice canner. The advanced stuff (for me anyways) involves pressurizing things and can be scary if not done right. The results of a fucked up canning process is botchulism. Not wanting any of that, I am sticking to pickling.
So, this Spring Onion Kimchi recipe looked perfect! Actually, it a ramp greens recipe but Food in Jars swapped ramps for scallions.

I only had two jars to fill so I halved the recipe.
1 bunch scallion greens, sliced into ½ inch slices
½ T sea salt
¼ t cayenne pepper
¼ t paprika
½ T minced ginger
1 clove garlic, minced
½ T soy sauce
½ t sesame oil

1.     Place the scallions in a large bowl and add all of the ingredients. Toss to coat.


2.     Distribute evenly into the two jars.


3.     Let sit at room temperature overnight

4.     Place in the fridge the following day and for the next five days shake the jar.


5.     It will decrease significantly, so feel free to transfer to one jar. You can now enjoy it with white rice, eggs, by itself or however you like kimchi. Its very flavorful! And can last in the fridge for months!


I have made 3 different jars of kimchi after the success of this recipe! But I use English cucumbers now and enjoy cucumber kimchi with an eggy breakfast or as a side salad. I will definitely be making kimchi more often. And its healthy too!