Taking a quick moment to reflect on the hurricane that brought my city to its knees. Just in time for Halloween, this nightmarish blend of a tropical storm, Nor’easter and a full moon came on full force and wreaked havoc on a city not built to withstand a storm of such force. After the panic we all suffered preparing for Hurricane Irene last year, a lot of people laughed off the warnings of this storm that promised to be worse than Irene.

As a worrier, I made provisions. Got water, stocked the fridge, restocked candles and batteries and charged all the necessities in the event of a power outtage. Hell, I even dusted off the french press and prepared fresh coffee grinds in case I couldn’t access my Keurig! I took it seriously. I watched in horror as people laughed off the evacuations. And then looked on grateful that I stocked up when I did as I saw lines outside of grocery stores and people fighting over the last gallons of water.


I was asked to make an attempt to come to work. With no trains or buses and the storm scheduled to make its way to NYC by the evening, I counted my losses and stayed within the confines of my home. The City of New York, of which I am employed, had the audacity to charge all employees who missed work annual leave. My life is more valuable. Walking over a bridge with 30+ mile per hour winds didn’t seem worthwhile to me, despite the early dismissal.

Monday, the trees swayed as if they were ribbons of silk. Street lamps wobbled. The streets darkened and the winds blew. The sound of the wind blowing was surreal. My air conditioner, which was bolted into the window, banged against the window frame with every gust of wind. As the wind speeds picked up, my anxiety grew. I watched in horror as friends posted photos of intense flooding and trees snapping in half. I was glued to the news until the internet went down and was then obsessively checking my phone.


My poor dog, who took one brave walk midday, needed a bathroom break by nightfall, took one step outside and quickly ran back inside.


The wee wee pads were futile as she released her very full bladder on my floor. I have never been more relieve to see my dog feel better.

BR took my phone away at 2 am and implored me to get some sleep. Every gust of wind I heard, my Air Conditioner sounded like it was going to fly with it along with the constant tugging sounds. I finally dozed off sometimes after 230 and woke up at 5 am to more gusty windy sounds.


I woke up and to my relief saw that everything around me was intact and somewhat dry. I cant say the same for my friends in other parts of NYC. A Con Ed explosion has left everything form 39th Street all the way to the lower end of Manhattan without power and intense flooding. My friends, for the most part are safe. In retrospect, I think we all would prefer to be without power than underwater or worse, dead. My heart goes out to everyone who suffered a loss and who are still suffering the effects of this horrific storm.

I am eternally grateful for all the blessings that I have! I am in the confines of my apartment with my baby, Mickey and my boyfriend. Our fridge is well stocked. Our wine rack is full and we are unscathed.  I would call that extremely blessed.

Before I end this post, I should have you know that being confined in my studio apartment with BR and Mickey has made us very creative in the kitchen. I know I am not the only one that ate like the world was ending during this storm! But after foolishly calling our local pizzeria for lunch to find they were closed (duh), I emptied the freezer and we had a day of feasting.

BR made roasted BBQ wings. We paired with homemade potato salad and red wine.

I grilled some burgers, baked some fries and whipped up some cole slaw.

We even snuggled up with a bowl of homemade red coconut curry soup with red peppers and grilled pork (recipe courtesy of soup chick)

Friends, I hope you and yours are all safe and sound! Times like these make me so grateful for all that God has provided! My thoughts and prayers to all who have been affected by the Frankenstorm.

Be safe!

Eat well.