Sometimes when I go out, I find myself at a new restaurant sans camera. By camera these days is a bulky DSLR that doesn’t fit comfortably in my purse so when I find myself in a new place that is worthy of a few clicks, my only option is the camera phone. The camera phone works perfectly fine and takes great pics. The problem? I eat. I go home. I post a review on Yelp. And then I forget about it. It wasn’t until as of late that I began to realize the heavy presence of recipes and homemade meals on the blog that I was neglecting my collection of camera photos.
There is no time like the present. Especially since being stranded by Sandy and having cabin fever, BR and I were left with the option of supporting our local businesses.
When I knew for certain that I was moving to Williamsburg, I bookmarked several places that were trending.  And my mother, who NEVER tries a restaurant on a whim, told me about a place called “Pies and Thighs”, I noticed she might be on to something. I should also note that my mother is a big advocate for cooking at home, so when she drops everything to pick up chicken in a biscuit sandwich; I knew for sure that she was DEFINITELY on to something.
I won’t lie. The pics you are about to see are months old. But like I said, better late than never, right?
It was still kind of summer. My former roommate and I had a dinner date, like we do on a monthly basis, and were going for our fave: Filipino.  Oh how we love Filipino food! I was dressed and ready to go when my former roommate sent me a text canceling 30 minutes before we were scheduled to meet. I was very upset. And who wouldn’t be? All dressed up and nowhere to go.
I sent an SOS to any and all in my cell phone that wanted to grab dinner. After 45 minutes and no responses, I went to the local liquor store and picked up tequila and margarita mix. Might as well get shitfaced, order take out and watch a girly movie, right?
As I was about to place my order for Take-out, my phone rang.
Oh my Megan.
“Mo! I got your text and I just got out of work. Sorry I took so long”
“No worries, Meg. Whacha doin’?”
“I’m heading to Brooklyn to have dinner with you!”
And just like that, Megan saved the day! When we met up, I asked her what she was in the mood for. It was like that night was destined to be.
“Well, since you are new to the hood, I thought we should go to Pies and Thighs”.
It was a Saturday night around 8pm. There was a short wait but the place was crowded. The one thing you notice when you get here is the wonderful aroma of fried chicken.

Our table was small and really close to other diners…a drink should fix any anxieties.
I went with a Jolly Rancher to drink because it sounded delicious… but it wasn’t. For the record, watermelon juice and white wine should NEVER go together!
I pressed on. I ordered the chicken box which comes with 3 pieces of chicken, 1 side and 1 biscuit. The greedy in me took over as a ordered an extra side dish of hush puppies.

The chicken box alone is a substantial meal. The three big pieces of fried chicken were crispy on the outside and juicy in the middle, with a heaping side of macaroni and cheese and a buttery flaky biscuit. The mac and cheese was good. It came with a splash of hot sauce. The chicken and biscuit were incredible! But the thing I wanted to write home about were the hush puppies.


Oh sweet cheeses were those hush puppies amazing. My stomach capacity was at FULL and I kept shoving those babies in my mouth as if the world was ending!
I rubbed my very full stomach and packed the leftovers to go. When the server came to ask if we needed anything else, I was stunned by my request to order a slice of the chocolate peanut butter pie to go.
Clearly, I have gone insane.

I wobbled my greedy ass home and probably around 1 in the morning while watching Cosby show reruns on Hulu, I tore into my leftovers on the couch and then devoured my chocolate peanut butter pie.
All was wonderful… except the pie.
Overall, a wonderful dining experience.


I have since been back with BR and every now and then drop everything and run in for  chicken biscuit sandwich with mom.