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I have a slight addiction to rotisserie chicken. I don’t think I make any secrets of it. But if I am even slightly hungry, and I am in a grocery store, all it takes is one whiff of it and its in my cart.

I love taking the chicken home, carving it and making a gravy out of the drippings for Mickey’s kibble and just going in. Who even needs a side?!?! It’s the perfect meal. A leg. some crispy skin. A slice of the breast. Im a happy girl.

I had plans for the chicken in a delicious salad. But when the light bulb blew in my fridge (:: Shakes Fist::), I couldn’t see the lettuce and it went bad. Don’t you hate when that happens??

The idea hit when BR was over for dinner and I had yet to go grocery shopping. I looked in the fridge at the half chicken sitting patiently in the tupperware, then at a half empty bottle of honey bbq sauce.


I chopped up the chicken and placed it in a small frying pan. I used white and dark meat.


I added the half bottle of the bbq sauce and a little bit of water plus a tablespoon of honey. It was simple to assemble. I kept it on medium heat for 10 minutes or so to heat through and allow the sauce to thicken.


I placed the BBQ chicken on some kaiser buns and served alongside a homemade coleslaw.


It was a nice dinner pulled together with stuff already in the fridge… especially the coleslaw!

I think next time, I will have to make pulled pork!