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With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I have quite a list of things to prep and do before the big day. Our family takes it seriously and with me living so close to my parents, I have more dishes on my “to Do” list. I have a breakdown of my responsibilities every day this week and to help lighten my load, I am using the slow cooker to make some big batch meals.


While perusing my Reader, I came across this Chicken cacciatore from SkinnyTaste blog. It looked gorgeous on the site and I quickly added it to my list.

The instructions were simple enough. But when it comes to slow cookers, I like to prep the night before so in the morning I just throw the vessel on and start cooking it before I leave. The instructions suggested searing the chicken before slow cooking but I opted not to and the results were still amazing.


You can find the recipe here.


This delicious chicken dish had a great sauce that thickened nicely after cooking on high, uncovered when I got home. I placed the chicken breast atop some whole wheat angel hair followed by some grated parmesan cheese.

The chicken was so tender!

Cant wait to attack those leftovers tomorrow!