I did it! I survived Thanksgiving and I write this as a 29 year old. I hope you all had a healthy and safe holiday. It was my and BR’s first thanksgiving together and we spent it with my family. There was lots of laughs, great food, and serious over-eating. The menu consisted of pernil, brussel sprouts with bacon, Maple glazed carrots, Deep fried turkey,  Arroz moro, Mac and cheese, Stuffing and homemade cranberry sauce. There were leftovers for days.

Around Sunday, my birthday, I was greeted with a lovely breakfast by BR. Followed by an embarassingly sweet display of chocolate strawberries, balloons and a teddy bear. If that weren’t enough, he and my parents took me to one of my favorite restaurants in Queens: Tazzina. If you live in the NYC area, Tazzina is a little out of the way but its worth the trip for the experience. Chef Zukas is a master of his craft. We were taken care of and as a great supporter, he took great lengths to make sure my family and I had the perfect dinner. Guess where I will be when I turn the big 3-0? Smile with tongue out


Fast forward to the conundrum of dealing with turkey leftovers. I have always eaten leftovers but one can only tolerate so many turkey sandwiches. I found this not-so-healthy casserole recipe that required little to no shopping and I was able to sub the turkey for the chicken.


This chicken  turkey broccoli casserole is not for the ANTI Mayo party. However, this girl loves mayo so all was well on my end.


The assembly couldn’t have been easier. Casseroles are friendly that way. You cant really mess them up. My only recommendation is to not overcook the pasta. That irks me.


Its also not the prettiest thing ever. This casserole was rich! And happy to report it did a great job getting rid of the leftovers.

How was your thanksgiving?

What do you do with your leftovers?