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When I moved, I discovered in my packing process a small collection of mason jars. About 8 to be exact. And I made the decision to keep them for whatever occasion came up; mason jars are just good to have.

The obsession with my mason jars came after finding the Food in Jars blog, and was sustained after my first successful jar of kimchi. While I am still afraid to really get into canning, I seize every opportunity to make jams or chutneys. The truth of the matter is, at times, I go a little nuts when fruit is on sale. I love fresh fruit. But I am not always good about eating it. Rather than toss it, I decided to put my mason jars to good use!

Grapefruit Jam (tweaked to make about 8 oz)



2 1/2 grapefruits

3/4 cup sugar


I considered making a marmalade with the rind and all but nixed that idea since the grapefruit wasn’t organic. I carefully sliced the flesh of the grapefruit away from the white membrane, since that’s the bitter part, and simmered in a medium pot with sugar. The instructions stated to bring the jam to a temperature of 220* but I don’t have a candy thermometer and decided to take a wild guess. I simmered for 20 minutes and poured in my pint sized mason jar.


According to the directions, I had to treat this beauty to a water bath for 10 minutes as well.


I chilled it overnight and could not wait to dig in. I loved the consistency and I definitely loved the flavor. It has the slight bitterness that comes with grapefruit but it doesn’t linger for long. Its sweet. Its satisfying…


And its pretty damn tasty on a soda cracker with butter.

Its nice making good use out of something that would have potentially gone bad.

I have an ample supply of apples in the fridge….maybe apple butter next???