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I cannot believe how fast the holidays are approaching! In just 8 days, it will be Christmas. I successfully completely my holiday shopping BEFORE Thanksgiving which was awesome. And then I got sick, again! Suffice to say, time has been flying by.


It’s a rare treat to have salmon at home. So when I was finally feeling better, I went to the supermarket where I found myself at the fish counter. Completely sold on the idea of a roasted salmon, I made the purchase and couldn’t wait. If I could have fish every day, it would be salmon. My favorite fish.


I took it home and contemplated seasoning it with salt and pepper and giving it a good sear with some veggies. While that was about to happen, I spied a jar of jerk seasoning. I realized that the I have only used the seasoning in burgers and such and never as a marinade. So I figured, why not.

I smeared two salmon filets generously with jerk seasoning and allowed them to sit in the fridge for about 2 hrs. I heated a cast iron skillet with a little oil and seared the salmon on both sides. I finished off the salmon filets in the  oven at 450 for 10 minutes to cook the center. I removed it and let it rest while I assembled some sides.


I roasted some brussel sprouts in olive oil, salt and pepper.


And on a whim, I threw together some leftover white rice and added peas, cabbage, scallions and soy sauce for a fried rice of sorts.


The dish altogether was a big hit and I personally cant wait to see what else that jerk seasoning will be good on!

Note for next time, might need some extra salmon for leftovers!