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Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! This year was the first year that I cooked dinner and I invited a few of my friends who weren’t up to anything. I tried as best as I could to document the dinner but I kept forgetting.


BR suggested we do a ham. I have never made a ham before, other than heating up a spiral ham back when I lived with my mother. It felt like the best time to try something new!


I found a great source for an easy but very delicious recipe. I could barely do this recipe justice – for great photos and instructions, visit the instructables sight.

I basically scored the low salt ham, rubbed it with brown sugar, stuck pineapple rings all over it then covered it and baked it for 4 hrs. After the 4 hrs, I uncovered it and glazed the ham with pineapple juice and brown sugar with a  touch of maple syrup, then baked it  uncovered for 30 minutes.

When it was done, what a sight! I left it to rest while I worked on the other dishes. If there is an art to carving ham, it is lost upon me. I hacked off slabs of ham while BR and I ate the “ugly” slices… for quality control. It was juicy. Flavorful. An instant hit.


I made fried cauliflower. An old favorite.


Grandma used to make them at every family function. Cauliflower florets dredged in eggs, breaded and fried.


I also made brussel sprouts. I crisped up some chopped bacon and saved the drippings. I caramelized pearl onions in the drippings and then combined quartered brussel sprouts, bacon and onions in a baking pan. I roasted the brussel sprouts for 30 minutes at 400*, stirring every 10 minutes.


The guests all dug in and with the absence of a big enough table, we had massive plates of food on our laps.

There were trips for 2nds and 3rds.

I am still left with 8lbs of ham. Lots of leftovers in the near future!


My brussel sprouts were a surprising hit. If you have never had brussels, please try them this way!


The fried cauliflower was a nice and sneaky way to get some friends to eat their vegetables. If the fried part scares you, these are great broiled.


Oh the ham! It has be to made again… im thinking easter.


And of course, mac and cheese. I think my brother ate 1 of the 2 lbs that I made.

All in all it was a successful Christmas. My Sweetie was a great Santa. I got a stunning necklace with a heart diamond pendant along with a gel manicure set and a Cheese slate.

Happy Girl!

Hope you had a merry Christmas!