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About a year ago, I hosted a potluck in my Queens apartment. We had a great lineup of dishes and we ate like piggies. My friend, Evan, brought over a dish that he claimed to half-ass and apologized profusely over; but it was delicious. So much so that after a year I was still thinking about the dish. It was simple and had great texture that kept me reaching into the bowl for more. I briefly recall it was a Mediterranean Farro salad.


When some Farro fell into my lap, I started looking for recipes that reminded me of Evan’s Farro salad. While I was searching I found some awesome facts about Farro. For starters, farro is a grain. It reminds me of a wheat berry, only less chewy. It has double the amount of fiber and protein that the more modern whole grains. Also, its an ancient grain.

Freakin awesome.


Anywho, back to the salad. This awesome recipe served as a guide of sorts to recreate the salad Evan brought on that awesome night.


3 cups of cooked farro (1 cup of farro to 2 cups of water, cooked the way you cooked rice)

1/2 cup golden raisins

1/2 cup reduced fat feta, crumbled

squirt of half a lemon

cracked black pepper


When the farro is cooked, allow it to sit and cool for a bit and combine the feta, raisins, pepper and lemon. Toss lightly. Serve room temperature.


I served this salad with a piece of salmon and steamed broccoli. The salad was just as good as I remembered. And even better now that I know how to make it! The raisins with the feta give it a nice sweet and salty thing going on that’s not over powering. The farro are plump and slighlty chewy- which I love.

Its filling. Yet, I still went back for seconds of this salad.