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So… it snowed in Brooklyn over the weekend. About 2 inches, no biggie. But it made my winter! It was awesome to take Mickey out to play in the snow. Snow in NY is beautiful for about an hour. Then it becomes slush. Dark Dirty Slush.

But on these lovely snow days, its nice to come home to a cooked dinner. I have had some issues with chicken in the crock pot before and decided to try it again. My addiction to rotisserie chicken lead me to try it again. So coming in from the snow, to a succulent chicken without the wait was perfection.


1 whole chicken (7-8 lbs)


Garlic Powder

Onion Powder

Italian Seasoning

4 potatoes wrapped in foil


My first mistake was not finding a chicken to properly fit into the slow cooker. But I wanted to keep the chicken from cooking in its own juices and to get it sort of crispy like a regular rotisserie. Taking my cue from my long time friend Carol, I placed foil wrapped potatoes in the bottom of the crock pot.  the potatoes elevated the chicken to allow it to drip freely but crisp at the same time. Then I placed the chicken (seasoned liberally with garlic, onion, salt and Italian seasoning) on top of the potatoes.


I set the slow cooker on low for 8 hrs. The lid didn’t close all the way onto the crockpot, but when I came home, it was closed properly. If the lid would have closed all the way, the entire bird would have been amazing.  But only parts of the bird got crisp. That was enough for me.

I snuck a slice of chicken before I could snap the pics but despite the lid not closing all the way, it was juicy and delicious.


The real kicker? those potatoes! They were slow baked under the chicken and completely tender.


I absolutely loved this and cant wait to make it again! Once I took it out of the slow cooker, it was your regular run of the mill rotisserie, I carved it and served it alongside the perfectly baked potato.

Leftovers were plenty and thanks to BR who had a great time harvesting meat from the carcass, I made some stock with the bones. Perfect to have on hand during this nasty flu season!