If you have read this blog before, you’d know that I enjoy cooking. I love menu planning, eating, cooking, baking etc. And on occasion, I have taken on cooking classes. There is always something to learn. Even makes for a great time to socialize with some girlfriends. 

So when Sarah invited me for a girls night out at Cook&Go Culinary Studio, I couldn’t resist. Finding a course, couldn’t be easier thanks to Course Horse. We chose a cooking class, a category and the date and boom, it was done! I also love that the more you use Course Horse, the more you build credit to put towards more classes. They don’t stop at cooking either- they have practically anything- even knitting classes.


Me and my chicas met up at the Cook&Go Culinary Studio the other day. It’s a very brightly colored and modern set up. I arrived as another class was finishing and got to look around.


Counters are set up with awesome kitchen gadgets, fresh clean aprons laid out, and the ingredients for the evenings meal all ready to go.


There are also gadgets to purchase if you feel so inclined.


They also serve wine! Cooking and wine! amazing.

So, before I arrived I thought it was a full on cooking class but what awaits at the Cook& Go studio is an intense preparation for a 3 course dinner for one that you start at the studio, then bring home to cook.


Our instructor is a professional chef that was there to guide us through our Brazilian dinner. We started with dessert.


A pureed avocado sweetened with sugar. Ive never had avocado for dessert, so this was interesting to try.


On top of our sweet avocado, our chef showed us how to diced watermelon and slice mint for the topping. It was then drizzled with rum and agave. We wrapped it up and refrigerated it while we moved on to the next course.


Using an amazing stick blender, made our appetizer. A chilled prawn soup.


I loved the blender wand… adding it to my Wish List.

We also made a white bean puree for the main course- chicken skewers!


The meal was packed up with detailed instructions. All that was needed was to go home and cook!


The directions were crystal clear and the end result was a pretty awesome dinner! I had to share it with BR, but they do offer classes where you can prepare dinner for two!

The course was pretty great! I thought, considering that I am a seasoned home cook, that this course is great for people who want to boost their confidence in the kitchen. With all the prep being done at the studio, you have the will to ask as many questions as you like from a professional and learn how to dice, chop, slice and etc.

This would make for a great date, girls night, or even a solo night on your own. The one thing that might be a tad inconvenient is the immediate need to go home to cook the raw chicken in your kit. But then, why not just continue the dinner party at a friends kitchen. It puts a whole new meaning to the question: “Your place or mine?”.

With Valentine’s day around the corner, book a class with your sweetie, or for your sweetie and make a romantic dinner!

Dinner was great! The class was awesome and I look forward to the next adventure!