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Eggs baked with cream bacon and cheese in a a flaky, buttery pie crust.

Quiche Lorraine. Its pure heaven for me. But I don’t make it often because its so easy to devour the entire thing! Don’t act like its just me!

However, I do feel like one can indulge in the good stuff if they keep it balance. A nice spring green salad to go along side this decadent quiche is the perfect homemade brunch; topped with a honey mustard vinaigrette!


I have made quiche in the past and sought a few of my pervious projects for inspiration. I cheated by using a premade frozen crust and went all in on the cream, eggs, bacon and cheese.


I served us each a slab of quiche alongside a mixed green salad. IMG_0164

It was a great balance. It was also hard to not have a second slice. Instead, I had more salad since the honey mustard dressing was SO delicious!