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The other day I was lucky enough to gain a spot in a very small, very intimate, and very free Yelp Elite event making fresh mozzarella in my local pizzeria, Williamsburg Pizzeria. Not only did I get to walk to this event, but I got to leave with a belly full of truffle pizza and a bag of fresh mozzarella.

For the longest time, I have been wanting to make cheese. It seems very daunting all together but I learned that to make cheese, one needs pasteurized milk which is illegal in New York. So, we kind of made cheese in the middle of the from scratch process. Still, I made cheese.


So, as a group of 8 piled into the small pizzeria, we were handed a bowl of mozzarella curds. With freshly washed hands, we broke apart the remaining brick of mozzarella to get the party started. The hard part was not putting curds into my mouth.


After a liberal shaking of salt, we added boiling water to the curds and began folding the curds to create one massive wad of cheese.


Next, we stretch the cheese. It was beautiful to see long ribbons of stretchy mozzarella cheese. The scent both sweet and salty- the things I love about fresh mozzarella. 862080_10151517192820421_206133059_n

After the cheese was nice and stretched, it shined beautifully and was ready to be formed.


We formed the cheese into smooth balls and dropped them into buckets of ice water to cool them quickly. After a spell in the ice bath, we took the mozzarella out of the ice bath and placed it back in the water we mixed it in.


We wrapped up our goodies and brought them home. I didn’t last too long at home with fresh mozzarella on hand. BR and I are cheese addicts and when I remembered the loaf of fresh baked bread that was given to us with our cheese, we held off dinner and cut the cheese.


Soft, Creamy, salty and sweet. All these things. What an amazing experience.


I have a whole new appreciation for fresh mozzarella and those who make it from scratch. If I can ever get my hands on some unpasteurized milk, I might have to make this happen again.

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