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Anyone else trying to catch up from Daylight Savings Time? That one hour really messes with you!

So much has transpired in the last few days. I submitted my application for Grad School. (Shit!) And today I paid (in full) for my first Caribbean Cruise Ever! (also note, my first real vacation in TWELVE YEARS!) I guess I am finally an adult.

I have been in such a good mood. Excitement from my next steps in my academic career and going away with BR- it’s a great reason to smile.


You know what else makes me smile?


Such a comfort food! Some years ago, when I went to San Antonio, Texas for a Psychology Conference (im smart sometimes), I hit up a Mexican festival on my last day in the Lone Star State and partook in some micro tacos that were fresh, tasty and cheap. They were legendary.

Of course, New Yorkers love them same tacos. And we have taco spots all over but there is nothing like an ice cold beer in your hand while you and your friend/lover prepare a taco bar and rent a movie.

Its what I like to call: the perfect Friday Night.



Corn tortillas

1 lb chicken breasts, diced

1 T taco seasoning

2 cups roughly chopped lettuce (I used spring greens)

1/2 cup extra sharp cheddar cheese

hot sauce.


Over a medium flame, I heated a pan coated in cooking spray and added the diced chicken. While it was cooking, I liberally sprinkled it with the taco seasoning. Using tongs, I continued to move the chicken around the pan until it was fully cooked; or no longer pink- about 8 minutes.

When the chicken was cooked, I set it aside and warmed some corn tortillas. Best way to do this is to place the desired amount of tortillas on a microwavable plate, place a damp paper towel on top of the tortillas and microwave 30 seconds at a time. You want them to be warm so they are pliable and soft.


We set up all of our ingredients into bowls on snack trays and made tacos to order.

I ate 4 tacos. BR… that’s a different story.


I had some extra corn tortillas and attempted nachos… We still ate them but they weren’t the best. Fried nachos> Baked Nachos.

Make your own taco night. I forsee another one for myself but perhaps with carnitas, or shredded steak, or even tofu!

What would be in your rotation on Taco Night?